5 Netflix Action Movies to Watch Right Now [Video]

by Nick Kush
Netflix Action Movies

There’s too many goddamn movies out there. My head spins just looking at all the movies getting a theatrical release every week, let alone the plethora of films going straight to streaming and VOD. I have more and more respect every day for filmmakers and creators that somehow manage to stand out from the crowd. It’s tough out there!

But sometimes, worthy films slip through the cracks. Especially with action movies, as there are so many wannabes and posers out in the world right now trying to make their own badass flick. Action is one of the go-to genres for terrible filmmakers, after all. The genre is like a get rich quick scheme to many. Just shoot a couple of scenes with men punching and…BOOM! You have a hit…or so they thought before they realized they had no artistic talent. The result? Way too many awful action movies for you to sift through on movie night.

Like I said, it’s tough to find everything worth seeing. Shit happens! But thankfully we have a handy-dandy application to help cater to our needs. It’s called Netflix. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

To see the five action films to watch right now on Netflix chosen by Austin Burke (with a little help from a special guest)watch the video below:


To watch more content from Austin Burke, check out his YouTube channel by clicking here.

Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts on Netflix action movies? Comment down below!

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