‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ Entry Survey – How Does the MovieBabble Staff Feel Going into the Film?

by Nick Kush
Mission: Impossible - Fallout

In a time where every franchise is rising to the top the of the box office, Mission: Impossible is following that trend strongly, and Paramount hopes that this continues into the future as they sorely need their hit films to hit hard. So as Mission: Impossible – Fallout hits theaters this weekend, the MovieBabble staff came together to share their expectations — and if all the hype surrounding the film will be worth it.

Describe your overall excitement level with an appropriate gif.

Caitlin Bell:

Perry Wilson: 

Chris Wager:

Image result for I'm so excited gif saved by the bell

Natasha Alvar:

Image result for drake hotline bling gif

Chris van Dijk:


Lance Heard:


Collin Willis:

Steven Ruiz:

Image result for tom cruise lightning gif

Stephen Finlay:

Olaf Lesniak:

Nick Kush:

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This is the sixth installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise, are you growing tired of it?

Caitlin Bell: I’m deeply and entirely over the MI franchise.

Image result for pam yup gif

Perry Wilson: I am personally not getting tired of it because I have only gotten into them the last 5 years and the most recent ones have been the best ones. Can’t imagine that Tom Cruise isn’t getting tired of it yet though.

Chris Wager: I honestly am not. They keep upping the ante and I feel that since they put enough time between films that by the time the next one comes out I am ready for it. No one else makes big spy movies like this so it always seems like the right time for one when they show up.

Natasha Alvar: Definitely not! I have seen each and every movie in the cinema (except the second one), and I still emerge amazed and content.

Chris van Dijk: I keep forgetting what each film is about, I’m not even sure how many of these films exist. I’m not audibly groaning whenever I hear one of these films are coming out so that is a positive at least.

Lance Heard:


Collin Willis: No. I was bored with Mission: Impossible when the third movie came out. Since then, I have been blown away by how overwhelmingly fun and intense the franchise has become with the addition of Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation.

Steven Ruiz: Nah, I see it as a James Bond/Jack Ryan type of franchise.

Stephen Finlay: To be honest, I am. Unpopular opinion here but I always joke about how these sequels almost have become sort of oxymoronic with their titles because I wonder how ‘impossible’ this mission will be in this sequel… But I do appreciate their quality in action stunts. I certainly don’t hate them. It’s a better franchise than a lot of garbage out there.

Olaf Lesniak: This franchise never felt oversaturated so no. I treat it in its own world like the fact how we had what, 26 Bond films?

Nick Kush: Quite the contrary! I cannot wait for Fallout — it’s one of my most anticipated movies of the year. These movies just keep getting better and better!

Is Tom Cruise the best action star in Hollywood today?

Caitlin Bell: Hardly.

Image result for jonah hill gif

Dwayne Johnson’s ‘The Peoples Eyebrow’ is a better action star:

Peoples Eyebrow GIF by Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Perry Wilson: I don’t know about that. He does some incredible action sequences but maybe not quite on the level of Keanu Reeves for John Wick. If we are just picking out the biggest star in action movies you could even through Chris Pratt in that basket.

Chris Wager: He is definitely up there, but only because of those stunts that he insists on doing. He only really draws money from the Mission: Impossible films. The Mummy had a huge stunt but outside of that the rest of the movie was forgettable and it made zero money. To be the best you have to always draw and be able to do it all, not just one big stunt per film. However, he does get massive points for those stunts.

Natasha Alvar: Hmmm…I am going to cop out and say he is the most enduring action star in Hollywood today.

Chris van Dijk: Well you can’t fault the man for trying. He’s really doing a lot of these insane stunts. I prefer a good muscled eighties action star though. Most of the action films starring Cruise are also PG-13 so they aren’t excessively violent and tend to be rather inoffensive faire — and thus forgettable. I prefer a good-old fashioned excessively violent action film thank you — preferably written and directed by Shane Black. But Tom Cruise does have some serious cojones though, gotta admit that.

Lance Heard:


Collin Willis: Yes? He is certainly the most dedicated, performing the most insane stunts as realistically as possible. However, I don’t know if he still has the charisma of his youth, especially when compared to younger stars such as any of the Marvel Chrises or The Rock.

Steven Ruiz: Yes. He just gets in the zone when he’s in an action movie. Plus he does his own stunts!

Stephen Finlay: Certainly one of! He broke his ankle for this film — that helped advertising it by putting that story in the headlines a while back. But I’ve always liked Tom Cruise as an actor. He gets in there and does a great job in this arena. Plus, he ain’t no spring chicken.

Olaf Lesniak: No. Even if I don’t care that much about who the current action star is I’m pretty sure The Rock is number 1 as of the moment.

Nick Kush: I’ll answer that question with another question: is any other actor willing to hang off a freaking plane???

Fallout is infamously the movie that turned Henry Cavill’s face to CGI jelly in Justice League because he couldn’t shave his mustache for reshoots of the superhero flick. How often (if at all) will you be staring at that mustache during the film?

Caitlin Bell: I’m gonna wear my good glasses so I can see the screen VERY clearly.

Binocular Michelle Trachtenberg GIF

Perry Wilson: I will give it my thorough attention in the first scene he is in but hopefully I can get used to it by the end.

Chris Wager: It will be all that I think about. I have been anxiously waiting the debut of the ‘stache, that was notorious for being edited out of Justice League like a criminals face being pixelated on the news as he is dragged out of the convenience store he just robbed.

Natasha Alvar: Every time Cavill is on screen. Mostly, I will be staring at his face, his perfectly beautiful and chiseled face…what was the question again?

Chris van Dijk: That CGI Jelly face was memorable so yes, I will be thinking about that whenever I see that dashing mustache of Cavill.

Lance Heard:


Collin Willis: Constantly, if it’s not a major plot point in the film, I will be severely disappointed.

Steven Ruiz: The whole time because that mustache is glorious!

Stephen Finlay: It’ll be a little distracting but no more distracting than his current issues with his contract with DC. Not trying to dodge the question but with the controversial things he’s said about the #MeToo movement and him and Danny Garcia demanding A-lister money for Superman, I think the mustache is the least of his qualms. But it’s nice to see him in a movie where he isn’t Superman. It was refreshing seeing him in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. I don’t mind him although he can be a bit stiff.

Olaf Lesniak: As many times as I’ll be looking at his eyes…or nose…or chin or forehead or eyebrows or… (five hours later) ….or his muscles. Wait! How did that get there!?

Nick Kush: I mean, I was already gonna stare at that beautiful bone structure of his anyway so I’m sure I’ll take a glance or two at that mustache.

What’s your favorite stunt in the franchise thus far?

Caitlin Bell: This is still my favorite, and probably will be forever after.

Mission Impossible Iconic Scene Don'T Even Lie GIF

Perry Wilson: I mean come on, he hangs on the side of a plane during takeoff!!

Image result for tom cruise plane gif

Chris Wager: My favorite stunt was in the original when he had to be lowered into the room from the ceiling. I know it’s not the most impressive, but that was the crux of that film. The suspense, the way you held your breath, the way that entire scene was put together with the employee coming to the door and then running back to the bathroom was amazing. You felt like you were hanging there with him and that’s what made it work.

From a huge stunt standpoint it would have to be when he was climbing the tallest building in the world. It worked a lot like the previous stunt I mentioned where it was more than just a simple stunt. That was an entire scene built around that moment, it wasn’t just there for a quick pop of excitement. A lot of his other big stunts come early in the film to attract the moviegoer but that one was right in the middle and involved the main plot of the movie.

Natasha Alvar: Definitely the one in Ghost Protocol when Tom Cruise was scaling the Burj Khalifa. Tom Cruise scaling smooth glass (putting rock climbing enthusiasts to shame) with just a pair of suction gloves … which start to malfunction! My god the tension in that scene! I mean, I know Tom Cruise can’t die at that point, but I was still on the edge of my seat. Especially the way it ended with Tom Cruise doing that swing from the side of the building, only to hit his head and the quick succession of all of them grabbing each other to prevent him from plummeting to his death, and then for Simon Pegg to come in with the comic relief. Sheer perfection!

Chris van Dijk: The one where Cruise is hanging on a plane. I forgot which one that was. Simon Pegg looked convincingly shocked in that sequence.

Lance Heard: Ethan Hunt performed it live!

Image result for tom cruise couch jump gif

Collin Willis: Hanging from the side of the Burj Khalifa. Seeing that stunt in theaters made me like the franchise, which I had previously been bored by as a child.

Steven Ruiz: The Burj Khalifa stunt. When Tom dangled 1,700 feet off the ground, my heart was racing!

Stephen Finlay: Has to be the one from Ghost Protocol on that skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. My palms get sweaty with heights.

Olaf Lesniak: The skyscraper scene in Ghost Protocol. It’s not only a cool stunt but a great sequence.

Nick Kush: I have a serious soft spot for the tether sequence in the OG, but that airplane sequence in Rogue Nation is unbelievable!

What’s your favorite Mission: Impossible movie thus far?

Caitlin Bell: Definitely III. I love the inclusion of Simon Pegg, because it made my Shaun of the Dead fan girl squeel with glee.

Simon Pegg GIF

Perry Wilson: I really enjoyed Rogue Nation. The constant back and forth with Rebecca Ferguson’s character added some extra excitement to an already exciting franchise. I’m still not entirely sure who’s side she is on to be honest.

Chris Wager: I am still a sucker for the first one. You can never go wrong with the original. To me that one felt the most tied to its spy film roots, and the complex plot made it almost like a new movie every time I watched it. When I was a kid every time that movie showed up on HBO I would watched it and as I got older the film grew with me and started to make more sense. I’ll never forget when I realized that the mole they were looking for wasn’t a little animal but a traitor in their team. Growing up with that film I always felt it was a complex film that has aged very well.

Natasha Alvar: It would have to be the third one. I liked the team, the villain was formidable, and the twist at the end when you realize the boss was in on it. Also, I really wanted Ethan (Tom Cruise’s character) to get his happy ending. Guess it was not to be.

Chris van Dijk: I think the first one because it had more character courtesy of Brian de Palma. I was also genuinely surprised with the villainous reveal at the end. Plus Emilio Estevez dies very early on, so that’s a big plus for me.

Lance Heard: My favorite movie so far is the trailer for Fallout. It’s the best trailer ever made.  Give me that music and let me watch the trailer 20 times in a row.  Who needs to see the movie?  When do the awards for best trailer come out?

Image result for tom cruise mission impossible fallout gif gun

Collin Willis: Ghost Protocol, it embraces everything that makes the franchise great. It’s also directed by my favorite director, Brad Bird.

Steven Ruiz: A tie between Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation. Ghost Protocol was more grounded, the characters were all great, and the story played out perfectly. Rogue Nation was everything Ghost Protocol was but more action-y.

Stephen Finlay: I liked No. 3 the most. I’m not a MI guy, nor am I an espionage type cinephile but I still appreciate these movies for avoiding the tired 007 traits. But No. 3 has this threatening and frantic quality to it with Hoffman’s character. That quote from him talking about hurting Ethan’s wife is so spine-tingling.

Olaf Lesniak: Rogue Nation. I remember it more compared to any other one. They’re fun, but 5 had enough to keep me truly engaged at most times.

Nick Kush: Rogue Nation without a doubt, but I’m guessing that I’ll love Fallout even more.

What’s your expected grade of the film on an F to A+ scale?

Caitlin Bell: I am sure this film will do reasonably well, it is Mission: Impossible after all. As far as plot, I’d grade it a solid B.

Perry Wilson: I would expect this to be a B to B+ film. However, I could also see it having a turnout similar to that of James Bond’s Spectre. Coming off of one of the best modern Bond movies in my opinion (Skyfall), it failed to live up to growing expectations. Mission: Impossible could easily try a little to hard and lose their identity all together.

Chris Wager: I think this film will land around a B. The Mission: Impossible films have always been dependable for a good time.  I would love to see this one jump up into excellent territory again but for that to happen they would need to depend on characters and plot, like the original did, more than giant action set pieces. From the looks of the trailers I think we might have to wait until the next one for that, but it should still be a great time at the movies either way.

Natasha Alvar: I am an optimist so am going for an A. It already looks pretty great from the trailer, and the franchise has yet to fail to deliver. It always tries to top itself, so I am eager to see how it does.

Chris van Dijk: Probably a B- or C+.  It’s going to be well-made and respectable blockbuster faire. But I can guarantee you that I will forget about it the moment I leave the cinema.

Lance Heard:

Image result for yoda future gif

Collin Willis: A+.

Steven Ruiz: With Christopher McQuarrie back helming, I’d say probably a A/A+. It’ll be tough to surpass Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation, though.

Stephen Finlay: B.

Olaf Lesniak: B-.

Nick Kush: I’m going bold. Gimme that A+!

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