‘Glass’ Three-Peats at a Record-Low Box Office (The MovieBabble Podcast Ep. 5)

by Nick Kush

Although Glass has been rather hit or miss with critics and fans, there’s no question that it has been a box office success. Privately funded by M. Night Shyamalan himself, the film has just surpassed the $200 million mark worldwide on just a $20 million budget. Both he and producer Jason Blum have another resounding box office hit on their hands.

And yet this last weekend marked one of the lowest performing weekends in recent memory, with the first weekend of September 2017 being the last to perform worse by its top twelve films. Still, Collin Willis, Brennan Dubé, and I unpacked it all in this latest episode of The MovieBabble Podcast, from Glass all the way down to a three-hour Turkish movie entitled The Wild Pear Tree. Neat!

(And don’t worry, the podcast is back for GOOD now!)


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