‘Lay Me by the Shore’ By David Findlay

David Findlay's hazy, melodic short manages to artfully depict teen trauma without dipping into after-school special territory.

by The MovieBabble Staff

Introducing a young cast of first-time actors, Lay Me by the Shore follows a week in the life of Noah, a high school senior in his final days of school as he comes to terms with his best friend’s passing.


Nick Kush: I’m always thankful for teen-centered stories that are refreshingly honest, and aren’t overly self-conscious about recreating the lingo and style of the generation they’re attempting to depict. Lay Me by the Shore is a perfect example of this, utilizing hazy, intimate photography to illustrate the suffocating effects of teen trauma without ever becoming too heavy-handed.

And for director David Findlay, this short is just the beginning as he and the rest of the cast are working on adapting Lay Me by the Shore into a feature down the road.



Starring: Isla Pouliot & Kai Smith
Written & Directed by David Findlay
Inspired by the Music of The White Birch (Ola Fløttum)
Producer: Joaquin Cardoner

Cinematographer: Evan Prosofsky
Editor: Alexander Farah
Production Designer: Kathleen Cooper
Sound Designer: Mitchell Allen

Executive Producers: Sultan Al Saud, Evan Landry
Co-Producers: Nicolas Tiry, Aline Meyerhoffer, and Neel Gupta
Associate Producers: Philippe Widmer, Max De Pfyffer, and Michael Kuna


Visit Lay Me by the Shore‘s IMDb page for more info.


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