‘Act of God’ by Spencer Cook and Parker Smith

Spencer Cook and Parker Smith's short is a wonderful piece of authentic representation, thanks in large part to Spencer Cook's work both in front of and behind the camera.

by The MovieBabble Staff

Stuart, a disabled man who pushes away his caretakers, comes to understand the value of accepting help.


Nick Kush: On top of the refreshing representation it provides, Act of God creates a worthwhile dialogue about asking for help in an individualistic society. Characters have frank discussions about their struggles, and Spencer Cook and Parker Smith aren’t afraid to add moments of levity to Stuart’s struggles, whether it’s the awkwardness of getting someone who’s wheelchair-bound to the bathroom or a well-meaning, but clumsy boss trying to recognize their humanity but failing miserably. It’s really a sweet short about people coming together, learning about each other and themselves, and becoming better off because of it.


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