Film Review – Revenger (2019) [Video]

by Nick Kush

Netflix is quietly putting together an array of hyper-violent, stunt-driven action films from around the world, and I’m so happy to see this happen. We live in a time where the standard action film is giving way to watered down, PG-13 shells of what they should have been or getting replaced altogether by smaller superhero films. Quite frankly, it’s sad to see. Hopefully Revenger can help satiate action nuts for the time being, even if the film is merely a stunts spectacular with nothing else to prop it up.

The following review will be spoiler free.


Directed By: Seung-Won Lee 

Starring:Bruce Khan, Hee-soon Park, and Jin-seo Yoon

Upon murdering members of a crime organization for killing his wife and daughter, Kim Yool (Khan) is sent to an island prison where a number of nations send their most violent convicts. When he gets there, he finds a young mother named Maly (Jin-seo) being chased by fellow prisoners. After Yool saves both Maly and her daughter, he goes back with the two of them to their village.

After a quick discussion, Yool finds out Maly and he are looking for the same person: Carlos Kuhn (Hee-soon), the leader of the syndicate that killed Yool’s family. Now, the group is on a request for satisfying, bloody revenge.


For a discussion of Revenger, watch the video from Austin Burke below:


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