Bold Predictions for Cinema in 2017

by Nick Kush

Since the new year is here and everyone is full of imagination and wonder about what the next twelve months may hold, I thought it be fun to make some completely brash and possibly even ridiculous predictions about what 2017 may hold for movies.  As a disclaimer, these predictions are meant to be a little “out there,” but they are rooted in some type of fact.  It also may be difficult to believe in these predictions wholeheartedly, but even the slightest bit of possibility makes these points an interesting discussion.  Without further ado, here are some predictions for cinema in 2017:

The Power Rangers movie will be a solid movie, but bomb hard at the box office:  The executives at Lionsgate probably thought at first that setting a March release date for their Power Rangers movie would easily help rake in some cash due to lesser competition than in summer months.  However, Powers Rangers also has to deal with Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty and the Beast, and Ghost in the Shell, four large properties that all come out all around Power Rangers.  With a limited marketing push so far, Power Rangers could easily get lost in the shuffle to all the other big movies coming out.  However, the trailer that was released for the movie was actually pretty solid.  One of the executives at Lionsgate said that he wanted to make eight Power Rangers movies.  He should probably focus on the first one making its money back.

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Harrison Ford’s character Rick Deckard will die in Blade Runner 2049:  Ford made it painfully obvious that he wanted his character Han Solo to die (spoiler alert) mostly so that he didn’t have to play him anymore in movies.  Who’s to say he hasn’t requested the same for Rick Deckard?  Ford has been known to be a curmudgeon, so he might wish of Denis Villeneuve to wipe him out and let Ryan Gosling be the face of the Blade Runner franchise so that he can be left alone.

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Logan will be the most beloved superhero movie of the year:  This movie has all the makings of superhero gold.  Many people will look for every excuse to love this movie since its Hugh Jackman’s last run at Wolverine, possibly leading to crazy over-hyping of the movie if it turns out good.  Plus, the R-rating will allow for some absolutely gory fight scenes that will have fanboys shrilling with glee as Wolverine slices baddies into pieces.  Moreover, there is a distinct possibility that both Wolverine and Professor X will die in this movie, allowing for added emotions to be involved which could lead to more irrational feelings (quite possibly love) for the movie as a whole.  

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Beauty and the Beast will make over one billion dollars worldwide:  One of Disney’s most beloved animated properties is getting a live-action face lift, and upon the release of its first trailer, it broke records for the most watched trailer ever within a 24-hour period.  Beauty and the Beast is mostly the reason I expect Power Rangers to falter mightily.  Beauty and the Beast allows for parents to bring their kids to the movies while also entertaining older audiences due to their love of the animated feature.  With Disney hitting their stride with live-action remakes, Beauty and the Beast may be primed to hit the jackpot.

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Star Wars-Episode VIII will make significantly less money than The Force Awakens:  Rian Johnson, the director of Episode VIII, has promised a darker, stranger story for the sequel to the highest grossing domestic movie of all-time.  A more bizarre storyline may lead to less repeat viewings for casual fans, leading to a depressed box office number.  Also, with this being the third Star Wars movie in the last three years, that nostalgia sheen that blanketed The Force Awakens and Rogue One (to an extent) will continue to diminish.

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We will finally suffer from “The Rock” fatigue:  There’s no doubting that The Rock is walking mass of charisma (and muscles), but he does have a very crowded schedule to say the least, and making a few lackluster movies in a row could cause audiences to grow weary of his bulging muscles.  The Rock has three movies coming out next year: Baywatch, The Fate of the Furious, and Jumanji.  The trailer for Baywatch has less laughs than you might expect from the leads of the movie and The Fate of the Furious looks a little too ridiculous (even by Fast and Furious standards).  Jumanji could also unfortunately anger fans of the original movie since it’s coming out soon after the untimely death of icon Robin Williams who starred in the original.  While obviously speculative, The Rock may want to consider taking a break in 2018.

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The Mummy will fail to kick-start Universal’s extended universe of monster movies:  Universal is really working hard to make their extended universe of monster movies reputable by hiring major A-list talent to take on roles of their classic characters.  However, a major problem with The Mummy is that it is coming out the week after Wonder Woman premieres.  If Wonder Woman nails it, all eyes will be on this movie as not only the savior of the DC extended universe, but also a culturally significant movie with a woman lead powering the superhero genre.  The Mummy could easily get swept under the rug if this phenomena hits since most people will be going back to see Wonder Woman.  In order to justify the means of creating a movie universe, the box office numbers of The Mummy need to be large which is in serious jeopardy of not occurring.

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M. Night Shyamalan will finally regain everyone’s respect after the release of Split:  Shyamalan had a middling success with the movie The Visit that was enjoyed by many horror fans.  Now he’s back with another movie entitled Split that is garnering some solid buzz from critics at early screenings.  There’s even rumors that a signature Shyamalan twist will be involved in the movie and be enjoyed by people everywhere.  Split could be his first hit in a very long time.

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