What To Expect From Your Movie Night At Home

by Caitlin Bell
Movie Night

Here at MovieBabble, we just want to make sure all your movie experiences are good ones! So, we have compiled this handy list detailing exactly what to expect when doing your own movie night in the comfort of your own home. To further help, we have broken this list down by age.

Newborn to Toddler

First, your baby shouldn’t be watching movies, put that little one to bed! Secondly, your toddler is going to run around the entire living room for the whole movie. When you announce it is time for bed, said toddler will have an immediate mental breakdown. This will lead you to wonder if you can get a refund for the toddler. (Spoiler, you cannot get a refund.)

Image result for kid crying gif

Meltdown Mode Commencing — via GIPHY

Age 5 to about 10

This is the magic age for watching movies with your children — in theory. Yes, they can sit still to watch Spaceballs for the first time, but will they? No. Well, yes. Your five-year-old will still wander around the living room, asking for snacks every thirty minutes. Your nine-year-old will sit still, but just shake her head at each cackle you let out over Lord Helmet. (No, you still can’t get a refund on the children. It’s far too late.)

Crack Crazy Kids GIF

Literally my daughter watching anything with us — via GIPHY

The Teenage Years

Lord, send me patience for the years to come. What I remember from the teen years is how utterly embarrassing my parents were. They were embarrassing in public, in private, and while sleeping. It was awful. I think we watched The Lord of the Rings at home one time, and I just rolled my eyes at my parents the entire time. Basically, being a teenager is one long eye roll. There is nothing you can watch with them at home that will impress them. Nothing.

Over It Eye Roll GIF

You’re eyes will get stuck that way, kid — via GIPHY

The 20 Somethings

I loved being a 20 something. I remember doing “Movie Night” with friends that always devolved into a “Drinking with Friends” evening. But I digress. The magical thing about being 20 is that you have an unlimited amount of energy for everything! Class in the morning? Check! Raging “movie night” that night? Check! 20 somethings can do it all, and see it all. (We are talking about movies of course.)

Scarlett Johansson College GIF by Rough Night Movie

Ah, college — via GIPHY

Suddenly 30

First of all, I am not sure how 30 even happened. It just did. One day, I woke up with a husband, two dogs, and three kids. It’s crazy! The best thing about being 30 is I have zero actual desire to do anything in the evening after 6:00 pm. Movies in a movie theater are so overrated. Yoga pants, old t-shirts, wine, and a movie at home is 100% better. At the movies, I cannot pause mother! sixty times in a row to discuss what even the heck is going on. 30 is super cool.

Modern Family Movie Night GIF

Movie night!! — via GIPHY

To The 40’s and Beyond

Okay, spoiler alert — I haven’t reached this magical age yet. BUT, my parents are in this magical age group now. So, here is what to expect when you reach this milestone! Apparently, you will start Secret Window thirty times and immediately fall asleep on the couch. Both of you will be snoring, and the TV will just stay on all evening. Then the next day, you will tell your children about this movie you just can’t seem to stay awake for. When asked WHY do you keep watching it then, you will tell your children they will understand when they are older.

Um, I have yet to understand.

Falling Asleep Morgan Freeman GIF by Cheezburger

Asleep every damn place — via GIPHY

Disclaimer: No toddlers went without snack during the creation of this list. Thank you.

Thank you for reading! What are you thoughts on our handy movie watching guide? Comment down below!

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Liz Gauffreau September 8, 2018 - 5:02 pm

I loved your post! I can tell you that falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV is one of life’s greatest pleasures, transporting one back to the halcyon days of childhod.

raistlin0903 September 8, 2018 - 4:52 pm

What a fun post this one was. I’m now 42 and I still often watch movies with my parents at both home and at the cinema. It never gets old to be honest. Really enjoyed reading this one 😊


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