Film Review – Paskal (2019) [Video]

by Nick Kush

When you come across a movie with a $2-$3 million budget in the United States, you would expect it to be something that A24 spits out that has actors you’ve never seen before in an incredibly isolated location — I’m sure they have four of those movies in production as we speak. But in Malaysia, that kind of budget is considered a massive blockbuster, one that has an insane amount of pressure to perform. In fact, Paskal is a major step forward for the country in terms of film production as it is the most expensive movie in its history to date.

The following review will be spoiler free.


Directed By: Adrian Teh

Written By: Anwari Ashraf, Chee Ang Keoh, Frank See, and Adrian Teh

Starring: Adi Afendi, Ammar Alfian, Keoh Chee Ang, Hairul Azreen, Tiger Hu Chen, and Jasmine Suraya Chin

An elite unit in the Royal Malaysian Navy embarks on a mission to rescue a tanker that was taken over by Somalian pirates.


For a discussion of Paskal, watch the video from Austin Burke below:


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