Steven Spielpod

by Collin Willis

This week on The MovieBabble Podcast, we ask the tough questions that other critics are too afraid to tackle. For example:

  • What does the abolition of the Paramount Decrees mean?
  • When does the Kissing Booth Franchise stop?
  • What is the full title of Ferris Bueller’s Off Day???

But for the most part, we just stan Steven Spielberg… Among other things, we also discuss the Disney+ release of Mulan, the HBO Max release of An American Pickle, and Shudder. We dive into a Coen Brothers’ classic, Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings, and a fascinating new indie film. All this and more on this week’s episode of The MovieBabble Podcast. 

Listen below:

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Thanks for reading, and listening! What are your thoughts on Mulan, Disney+, The Paramount Decrees, Steven Spielberg, The Coen Brothers, The Lord of the Rings, La Llorona, and more? Comment down below!

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