‘Out of Sight’ Is One of the Sexiest Movies Ever Made

Clooney and Lopez heat up the screen with their undeniable chemistry.

by Kali Tuttle
Out of Sight

George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez have a lot of movies in the running for hottest ever made, but Out of Sight beats them all. Never has a movie been sexier.

The cast is extremely attractive — everyone looks like Greek gods and goddesses. Even just the colors on the screen are eye-catching and pleasant to look at. It’s a very visual movie that puts its best on screen every moment.

Lopez and Clooney have so much chemistry that it’s hard not to get sucked into their romance. There are several moments that are unbearably steamy, but here are the top four.

#4: Calling From the Hotel

After ditching Karen (Lopez) and making his way to a hotel room, Jack Foley (Clooney) decides to give Karen a call. It’s a rushed one as Foley’s partner Bragg (Ving Rhames) is trying to get things together to go back on the run, but Clooney’s seductive voice keeps the call sexy. Sure, he’s a fugitive on the run from the law (Karen being part of the law as a US Marshal), but that doesn’t mean he can’t make a date with a woman he has a crush on. The call is cut short but it’s clear from Karen’s delayed reaction and dreamy eyes that she is thoroughly turned on by Foley.

#3: Karen’s Dream

After escaping Foley and crashing one of the getaway cars, Karen finds herself in the hospital. In her medicine-induced haze, she has a dream of sneaking up on Foley in his hotel. Foley is relaxing in a candlelit bathtub; Karen slides around the corner with her prized Sig Sauer pistol. However, instead of arresting him, she joins him in the bathtub. This leads to a passionate moment that is quickly broken up by Karen waking up. It’s a delicious tease that really cements the idea that these two characters are meant for each other.

#2: From the Bar to the Bedroom

Karen follows Foley to Detroit where he has planned a grand robbery with Bragg. After a hard day of beating up bad guys and generally being a badass, she sits in the hotel bar nursing a drink. A few bold salesmen approach her and try flirting but their advances are rebuffed firmly by Karen. Suddenly, Foley arrives. Karen gladly allows him to sit at the table with her. Their quiet conversation is interwoven with shots back in Karen’s hotel room where the two are clearly heating things up even further. The scene is beautifully romantic; if you aren’t rooting for these two to get together at this point, you’re not paying attention.

#1: Just Two People in a Trunk

One of the most famous scenes from Out of Sight is the scene of Clooney and Lopez in the trunk of a car. Honestly, not an ideal way to meet someone, especially an escaped convict. However, Clooney’s natural charm and Lopez’s sultry coolness sell it. They have what seems like a pretty standard get-to-know-you conversation, but the closeness of the two just amplifies how sexy it is. It’s like they speedrun the first, second, and third dates all the way to a begrudging couple with palpable sexual tension.

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