George Clooney is the New Cary Grant

by Kali Tuttle
George Clooney

What’s up, MovieBabble followers? It’s your girl Kali back at you with another article comparing Classic and Modern Hollywood.

Last time, we compared Tom Hanks and James Stewart — two well-respected, lovable actors who personified the values we hold so dear. This time, we will take a look at two of the biggest sex symbols and pinnacles of suavity in Hollywood history — Cary Grant and George Clooney.

One captivated the screen mostly in romantic comedies, one comes to life in action movies. Both are known for their particular voices and “silver fox” personas. But is there more to this connection?

I’ll admit, I am a little biased in this article because I absolutely adore both actors. However, that should not detract from the fact that these two prestigious actors actually have a lot in common.

Silver Foxes

This is the most obvious comparison. Both Grant and Clooney started out extremely attractive and only got better with age.

George Clooney

Image via Vanity Fair

cary grant

image via Pinterest

Is it that streak of gray in their hair that keeps us coming back to their movies even if we’ve seen them a million times? Maybe that cocksure grin that seems to hide foolishness or insecurities? Or perhaps the slightly grating voice that exudes manliness in its sexy timbre?

Whatever it is, it only got better as the years went on. The boyish grin turned into a charming smile. Cute insecurities became glorious imperfections.

Most people don’t age as well as these men have, but Cary Grant and George Clooney definitely broke the mold when they entered the wild world of Hollywood.

Filmography Similarity

While their filmographies tend to take different paths later in life, there is one genre that they both seem to excel in — action. Sure, you may not think of action when you think of Cary Grant, but let me remind you of a few films: North by Northwest (1959)Charade (1963), and To Catch a Thief (1955). Did your heart not pound when Roger Thornhill was scaling the face of Mt. Rushmore? Or when Brian Cruikshank/Peter Joshua/Alexander Dyle/Adam Canfield fought off the man with a hook for a hand on the roof? Because mine sure did.

Cary Grant

Image via The New York Times

And, of course, I don’t have to remind you of Clooney’s successful run in the Ocean’s Eleven (2001) franchise or his prowess in films like The Peacemaker (1997), Syriana (2005), or The American (2010). Not only were the films exciting and action-packed, we also got quite a generous glimpse of our favorite man of Hollywood fighting off baddies with nothing more than his flawless biceps.

George Clooney

Image via IMDB

And they both do well in comedies. Remember O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)? That was a level of humor I wasn’t expecting from Clooney, but one I thoroughly enjoyed. It was on the same level of self-deprecating humor that served Grant well in films like Bringing Up Baby (1938) and My Favorite Wife (1940). They both have a similar, almost over-the-top humor that puts audiences in stitches.

Late Start on Fatherhood

In both Cary Grant’s and George Clooney’s lives, they became fathers in the later half of their years. It wasn’t until 1966 that Cary Grant fathered his one and only daughter — Jennifer Grant — at age 62 with his then-wife Dyan Cannon.

On a side note, every picture you see of Cary Grant and his daughter is precious and you can see how much he loves her in his eyes. I implore you to Google a few images of the two and you’ll see what I mean.

Cary Grant

Image via Palm Beach Post

George Clooney, as you may have known, recently fathered twins with human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin. In June 2017, he became a father at age 56 to Alexander and Ella Clooney. While he has been more reclusive with his children, that alone tells you that he cares very much for them and wants to protect them from the Hollywood insanity.

George Clooney

Image via Harper’s Bazaar

Name Game

This next piece of evidence is purely a piece of conspiracy theory that I’ve mulled on over the years but does it ever strike you as odd that if you switched the first letters of Cary Grant’s first and last name, that his initials would be GC? Do you know whose initials are GC? That’s right, my boy George Clooney.

While this is purely an insignificant piece of trivia, I feel it is interesting enough to be worth a mention.

Twilight Zone music plays

Cary Grant

Image via Open Democracy

What Makes Them Unique

Obviously, they aren’t exactly the same person (or ARE THEY?).

Cary Grant definitely had more trouble in the love department. The man married six women. Despite the suave ladies’ man you saw portrayed on film, he wasn’t exactly that charming in person. In fact, the character he played in Father Goose (1964) — unshaven, drunken, and crude — was said to be closer to his actual personality (a fact stated by Grant himself). Interesting to see that contrast between character and actor.

Cary Grant

Image via Legendary Cary Grant

George Clooney, on the other hand, has had his share of bumpy romances (including one failed marriage), but has stayed relatively single all his life. Michelle Pfeiffer and Nicole Kidman even bet $10,000 (something you can do when you’re rich in Hollywood) that Clooney wouldn’t have kids by age 40. He later returned the money and bet double or nothing that he wouldn’t have kids by age 50 (congratulations on your $20,000 prize, Mr. Clooney). However, it seems that now he is settling into family life in his older age.

George Clooney

Image via UPI

Another difference I would like to point out again is the contrast they had in filmography. Clooney is mostly an action and drama man, able to flourish brilliantly in roles that allow him to express the full range of emotion in a character. However, Grant, a more witty, stiff character, did well at comedy and being the biting satirical man. Though both do well in romance, their styles were different, with Grant being more adult and charming and Clooney being more boyish and humorous.

What I Need from Hollywood

Please give me a biopic of Cary Grant starring George Clooney as old Cary Grant and Tom Holland as young Cary Grant. Maybe even add in Tom Hanks for kicks. I just want this to happen.

George Clooney

Image via Breitbart

All joking aside, George Clooney is slated to take over Grant’s role in Hollywood. He’s the actor that often pops first into people’s mind when they think of Hollywood. He’s known as a charming ladies’ man and has a way with domineering the screen. He can play action, comedy, drama, and romance well — even all in the same movie.

It’s hard not to see Clooney as the new Grant. Physical similarity aside, they are similar in who they are and what they do.

One Final Similarity

The distinguished beard that I’m not exactly a fan of but I won’t say no to is definitely a plus.

George Clooney

Image via The Telegraph

Cary Grant

Image via The Movie and the Muse

Thank you for reading! What are you thoughts on Cary Grant and George Clooney? Comment down below!

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Hastamos Charles April 25, 2019 - 8:29 am

George Clooney is the new Cary Grant ? Is the world reading/hearing this correctly ? George Clooney is Hollywood’s newly appointed arsehole fartsman as he tries to meddle in Meghan Markle’s private affairs. Clooney thinks that with his $500 million/- backup, he can saunter forth into the lives of the rich & conduct their affairs ! There are several people in dire straits in Guatemala, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Mexico,Trinidad etc. etc. Why does not George Clooney the Great, focus his attention there instead ? Even if G. Clooney sends them US$10 million/- many will be taken out of poverty.
Well, with a vibrator up his arse, turned on to the max., George Clooney will become a world Number One sensation !
He will not be in need of another Oscar !

Hapsy Birdsday, G. Cockhead Clooney, for May 6. Your cockatoo will be 58 too ! Ain’t that sweet, George ? Will everyone be served some halal pizzas ? Let’s all hear it from G. Clooney’s bum !

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I thoroughly enjoyed this–a real pick-me-up at the end of a long day!

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Absolutely spot on!

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