A Song List that Will Make You Nostalgic for Their Companion Movies

by Natasha Alvar

Has a song ever reminded you of a movie? Of course it has, that’s its purpose. If the song fits well with the movie, when you hear it, a montage will play in your head like a flip-book. Sometimes, it can make you feel so nostalgic, you might end up watching the movie again, or at least clips of it on YouTube.

Kiss from a Rose – Batman Forever

We all like to pretend that this movie never happened, and that Val Kilmer was never Batman. Pretty much the same way we forget that George Clooney did a Batman movie as well. For all the issues the movie had, this song by Seal was not one of them. I am pretty sure no one actually knows the lyrics to the song. Is it kiss from a rose on the brain? Or is it plane? Both don’t sound correct, but not knowing the lyrics will never stop me from singing along to this classic.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Before Taron Edgerton took on the mad arrow skills of Robin of Loxley, Kevin Costner was the one stealing from the poor to give to the rich. For the younger ones on this site, you would know him as Superman’s dad. I have not watched the recent Robin Hood movie, but Costner’s version definitely trumps the one with Russell Crowe. This is due in part to Alan Rickman’s fantastic portrayal of the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham, and of course this kick-ass song by Bryan Adams. I have always wanted to be serenaded with this song. Alas, it has not happened yet.

She – Notting Hill

Image result for notting hill movie

This movie has one of the most quotable lines in romantic comedy history: “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” I love the subversion of gender norms here, since declarations of love are usually done by the men. If you don’t think this is intentional, she is wearing blue and he is wearing pink in that scene. That’s symbolism people!

Since the dialogue is so memorable, then it makes perfect sense that the music would be too. Elvis Costello’s song “She” is such a great fit; who wouldn’t remember Julia Roberts’ lovely face?

Love is All Around – Four Weddings and a Funeral

I am not too sure what Wet Wet Wet are up to currently, but this song will endure until the end of time. It is so enduring, it got sampled for Love Actually. Here’s the video if you are curious, though I much prefer the original.


But if I am being honest, I don’t need a song to get me to watch Four Weddings and a Funeral. It is such a good movie, a rare combination of romance and grief. Maybe it’s the nostalgia speaking, but they really don’t make movies like this anymore.

Picture of You – Bean

Sir Rowan Atkinson can be Johnny English or the guy who sells jewelry in Love Actually, but he will always be Mr. Bean to me. Though I know the Mr. Bean movies aren’t as good as the TV series, I do think the first one isn’t so bad. The whole Whistler’s mother thing was kind of funny. Anyway, every time I hear this song, I can picture Mr. Bean dancing with Boyzone in the music video, and Ronan Keating slaying me with his longer hair. Boybands are, and will always be, my Achilles heel.

Breathless – The Wedding Date

Related image

Image via aceshowbiz.com

The Corrs are just sibling goals. Not only are they talented musicians who can play a variety of instruments, they are also fabulous looking. The gene pool that they emerged from must have some strong electrolytes.

Compared to the other movies on my list, this one might not be as well-known, or well-received — given its 11% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The cast saves it for me. When you have the likes of Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Amy Adams and Jack Davenport in a movie, something good is bound to happen. Another saving grace is The Corrs as well as Michael Bublé on the soundtrack.

Glory of Love – The Karate Kid Part II

The music video is a testament to what a good song looks like. Good music doesn’t require much visually, Peter Cetera’s facial expressions and solo dancing is fine enough for me. I may be a 90’s kid, but I love 80’s music. Many decades later and this is still one of my favorite songs. I feel it perfectly captures Daniel’s transformation from a boy to a man. He becomes a man who will fight for her love, the hero she has been dreaming of. And Ralph Macchio was such a dish, my oh my.

Kiss Me – She’s All That

She’s All That is one movie in a stream of many others that employs the ugly duckling trope. The girl/guy starts out as unattractive, until a popular kid suddenly gets roped in for some reason to give them a makeover. You Drive Me Crazy and Can’t Buy Me Love are the other movies that spring to mind. Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook are likable enough, but this song by Sixpence None the Richer is the star.

Don’t You (Forget About Me) – The Breakfast Club

Image result for the breakfast club

Image via The Dissolve

Pitch Perfect brought this song by Simple Minds and this movie back into the limelight again, but for me both were always center-stage. Memorable movie and memorable ending, thanks to this song and a raised hand.

Students probably started trying to get into detention after this movie came out, just so they could experience their own Breakfast Club moment. Hell, I think most of us wished that life could be a little more like a John Hughes movie.

Gangsta’s Paradise – Dangerous Minds

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Image via parkcircus.com

I’m not gonna lie, Dangerous Minds did make me view the teaching profession a bit more favorably. Or maybe I just wanted to be Michelle Pfeiffer. Whatever it is, Dangerous Minds joins a long list of teaching movies that have inspired me, the others being Dead Poets Society, Freedom Writers and Coach Carter.

While Coolio was setting the hip-hop train on fire back in the day, he isn’t really in the music scene currently, which is lamentable because this is a quality song.

Thank you for reading! Are there any songs that make you think of a movie? Comment down below!

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Vuava January 9, 2019 - 2:30 am

“Kiss from a rose on the grey”, I believe. And yes, appalling movie, great song.

Natasha Alvar January 12, 2019 - 10:08 am

HAHA! What does that even mean?? Definitely makes more sense than my options.

Liz Gauffreau December 27, 2018 - 7:21 pm

That was a nice trip down memory lane–although I have to say that “Christmas Is All Around” butchered the original.

Natasha Alvar December 28, 2018 - 9:26 am

Haha yes it really did butcher the original. How was your Christmas Liz?

Liz Gauffreau December 28, 2018 - 9:29 pm

It was lovely, very peaceful and relaxing. My mother and I watched the 1947 “The Bishop’s Wife” for our after Christmas dinner movie tradition. How was yours?

Natasha Alvar December 30, 2018 - 7:31 am

Oooooh Cary Grant! Do you and your mom watch it every Christmas? My fiance came over and we had some chicken, ribs, pasta etc. Then we watched The Christmas Chronicles. No Christmas is ever complete without a Christmas movie :)

Liz Gauffreau December 30, 2018 - 8:26 am

I look for a different classic movie each year that she would enjoy. They usually end up being from the ’40s. “Christmas in Connecticut” with Barbara Stanwyck was a big hit a few years ago.

Nick Kush December 27, 2018 - 9:56 am

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