Avengers: Infinity War Entry Survey – How Does the MovieBabble Staff Feel Going into the Film?

by Nick Kush
Avengers: Infinity War

After 18 movies, Marvel’s largest, most insane film to date — Avengers: Infinity War — will be in theaters this coming weekend, and everyone is losing their damn minds.  With a budget that has been reported somewhere in the $300-$400 million range and a laundry list of stars, Infinity War will most likely become one of the more visually sprawling pieces of fan service to ever come to the big screen.  But how exactly is the MovieBabble staff feeling headed into the film?  Well, take a look at the Avengers: Infinity War entry survey below:

Describe your overall excitement level with an appropriate gif.


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Because I’m scared of who will die!


Happy Fresh Prince GIF by Nick At Nite


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As our lovely contributor Kali explained in a piece earlier this week, James Cameron expressed a growing feeling of “Avenger fatigue” in a recent interview.  Are you feeling any fatigue?

Stephen: Nope. Actually, I feel the opposite. I think James Cameron’s statements are just a general mixture of jealousy and arrogance. It’s like: Oh yeah, because Avatar was soooooo original.

Melissa: I am totally feeling the fatigue. With so many members having their own movies, I’m like OMG PLEASE NO.

Cammy: Despite the fact that I absolutely LOVE the MCU, even I feel a little worn out. I think by the time Avengers 4 has finished and they return back to there not being the massive threat like Thanos looming over the universe, the movies will feel a little played out. There’s only so many times you can watch the good guys beat the bad guys.

Patricia: I’m experiencing superhero/comic character fatigue in general. Movies, TV, news feeds… it’s all saturated with this stuff.

Steven: Nope. He’s also being a hypocrite as he announces 8 more Avatar sequels.

Collin: Not anymore. Marvel has done a good job diversifying the tone and style of their films as of late. Basically from Ant-Man onwards, Marvel has been exploring new genres and making superhero movies that are genre hybrids. It doesn’t make it perfect, but it keeps it interesting.

Olaf: Not at all. Each film is a new fun ride focused on different characters, new themes and stellar visuals. The plot may get repetitive at times, sure, but overall it’s usually a ride well worth it. Plus, Infinity War is going to be the closure of an entire decade! How is that not exciting? How can audiences get fatigue from something that rewards them as a viewer?

Kali: I was feeling that Avengers fatigue set in at the beginning of the year but then I started seeing the previews and I got so psyched.

Kelechi: I’m still riding off of the excitement of Black Panther, and I’m anticipating more Bucky because of the closing credits scene at the end of Black Panther.

Trey: The guy who hasn’t made a movie in ten years, but has plans to make FOUR sequels to his last one says that he hopes people get tired of a successful, thriving series of movies that fans have been loving for a decade. He definitely knows what he’s talking about.

I’m certainly not feeling any Avengers fatigue. I haven’t been this hyped for a movie since The Force Awakens. We can also assume that audiences aren’t feeling tired just based on the record-breaking pre-sale results. Sure, eventually this superhero fad will die out because all genres do, but Marvel has legs to last for the foreseeable future.

Nick: I’m a grouch.  I really have an issue with superhero/blockbuster films and the ravenous fandom around them that is turning just cruel.  It ruins my enjoyment of the film as a fan and makes me want to retreat to the closest theater that’s playing an A24 film.

Someone has to die in this film, so who dies first?

Stephen: Wong Dies first. Captain America is also 100% getting the chop.

Melissa: Black Widow, hopefully. She has no value in the movies to me. At all.

Cammy: I think it could be Vision (simply due to Thanos collecting the gems). I would bet all my money that Steve Rogers will die as well but I think he’ll kick the bucket in Avengers 4.

Patricia: Hawkeye, please.

Steven: Clint Barton/Hawkeye. With how he’s nowhere in the marketing, he has to be the one who dies.

Collin: Loki. I’m calling it within the first half hour. He tries to bring Thanos the tesseract and Thanos obliterates him for not bringing it during The Avengers.

Olaf: Iron Man. He is connected to everyone. Captain America shares connections with him and his father. Banner and Stark are science bros. After the events of Civil War, Bucky shares a stronger connection with him than he asked for. Vision is Stark’s grandchild, Spider-Man is Stark’s pupil, Hank Pym has a grudge against Stark, you get the idea. Oh! And he’s getting married. They love to kill off the ones getting married. Tony has been responsible for so many things in the universe that his death would be the most impactful, not only to audiences, but the characters making it hurt that much more. If not him, it has to be Steve Rogers. I understand Vision will have his gem taken away, but they will somehow find a way to bring him back.

Kali: I hope that Hawkeye dies first, mostly because the most he’s brought to the Avengers is a secret family and a few arrows.

Kelechi: Vision? I don’t ship him and Wanda lol.

Trey: I’m gonna cheat and give two possibilities. They probably won’t kill of one of their main characters first, so I think they’ll probably kill either Loki or Pepper Potts in the first act to give their respective title heroes an extra drive in defeating Thanos.

Nick: I’m taking a shot in the dark and going with Spider-Man.  There’s a frame of Tony holding his limp hand in the first trailer, and it would be a fascinating character beat for Tony as a pseudo-father that loses his pseudo-child.  He’s definitely a character that they would bring back with the help of some infinity gem gobbledygook, however.

avengers: infinity war

image via Variety

The movie is reportedly 160 minutes long.  Is that too long for your liking?

Stephen: Nope. They have pretty much one shot at this (apart from the 4th film) so that’s plenty.

Melissa: My butt can’t take it that long in a theater seat, no matter how comfortable. Plus, does this factor in sitting through the credits for the exciting scrap they throw us at the end about the NEXT movie?

Cammy: I think it’s a little long but hopefully it’s necessary. I’d rather it was too long than too short and I think that a movie with so much to cover (and so much anticipation leading up to it) you probably need a longer movie than most.

Patricia: For this type of film, I would generally think so, but they’ll have a lot of ground to cover.

Steven: Wow, that’s pretty lengthy. I just hope it’s filled with action and not exposition.

Collin: Depends on the movie. Infinity War has a lot of characters to fill that time with, and I doubt Marvel will run out of cool effects to dazzle us with.

Olaf: Perfect runtime. It has to wrap up all threads from Avengers to Guardians of the Galaxy, not to mention crossover everyone in a way which feels natural. Basically, it has a lot of ground to cover. Think of it like a The Return of the King scenario, only times 3.

Kali: Bruh, I watched Gone With The Wind and enjoyed it. Ain’t no 160 minutes gonna bother me.

Kelechi: The longer it is, the more time can be spent on all the characters that I like sufficiently.

Trey: A movie that features 18 movies worth of characters is worthy of a two and a half hour runtime. I’d be fine if the movie was even three hours. Of course we won’t know until the movie is actually out if it’ll feel long, but the more time we get to spend with these characters, the better.

Nick: I’ll be sure to go easy on the fluids!

avengers: infinity war

image via Roger Ebert

Can Thanos actually prove worthy of the many years of build-up?

Stephen: I think he can. What type of villain in movie history has had the ability to take on a whole universe pretty much single-handedly and succeed!?

Melissa: I think he can. I think he will be a formidable opponent for the Avengers, and it’s going to take all of those 160 minutes to figure out how to defeat him.

Cammy: I have faith (although I also had faith in Ultron being awesome and look how that turned out…) that they’ll make Thanos seem like a real threat. While I have no desire to watch some of my favorite Avengers die, I think it’s the only way they’ll demonstrate how much of a threat Thanos is.

Patricia: I don’t think anything can prove worthy of that much hype, but we’ll see.

Steven: Yes. This is the Mad Titan. There’s no way Marvel can make him forgettable like the past villains.

Collin: I hope so, I like that he reportedly has the most screen time. Hopefully they will make him more Loki and less Ultron.

Olaf: I wanna say no. I do think he will be visually stunning, action scenes with him will take everyone by storm, but as a more complex antagonist? I doubt it. Don’t expect much from Marvel villains. Hopefully, I’m wrong.

Kali: Unless he murders 3,000 small children and puppies in front of our eyes, I don’t think he’s going to be worth the build-up. Doesn’t make it any less of an awesome movie though.

Kelechi: No, I think it’s hard to sell him as that all-powerful.

Trey: Can and will. He’s been anticipated for a number of years now, so Kevin Feige and the Russo brothers should deliver on him given their previous track records.

Nick: Maybe, I just hope they do enough to help me get past his scrotum chin!

Which two heroes that we’ve never seen together before in an MCU film do you most want to see interact with each other?

Stephen: Hulk and Spider-Man, but I don’t think that’ll happen in this film.

Melissa: Hmm. That’s a good question. I think I just want to see all them interact with one another, but I think Dr. Strange and Tony Stark would be the most interesting.

Cammy: Tony Stark and Dr. Strange purely because of the Sherlock Holmes connection. If there isn’t some sort of joke or moment to acknowledge that, I’ll be a little disappointed.

Patricia: Everett K. Ross and Doctor Strange, because…

Steven: Doctor Strange and Tony Stark. The “Awesome Facial Hair Bros!”

Collin: Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. The trailer interaction between these two was great, I want to see more of it. “So we’re using our made up names.”

Olaf: Gimme the real Hawkeye. The one we have now? Have him and his family be Skrulls while introducing “the real one” imprisoned. It would make for an amazing twist which would also do the character justice. I want him to be a more laid back guy and I wanna see him interact with Spider-Man. Obviously, it’s gonna be tough quipping during such an onslaught, but at least it would give us a glimpse of the real Hawkeye inspired by Matt Fraction’s run in 2012.

Kali: Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Peter Quill (Star Lord). Imagine the jokes. Peter 2.0.

Kelechi: I’m super thrilled to see Shuri interact with Wanda and Natasha Romanoff!

Trey: I’m gonna cheat again and say two pairs. I can’t wait to see Spider-Man and Doctor Strange just because of their history in the comics, and they are ironically both New Yorkers played by English actors. Also, Star Lord and Iron Man should make a pretty good pair. They’re both wise-cracking a-holes.

Nick: I kinda just want to see the Hulk grunt and Groot retort with “I am Groot!”

What’s your expected grade of the film on an F to A+ scale?

Stephen: A

Melissa: B-

Cammy: I think certainly an A to some effect. I don’t want to go all-out fanboy and say A+ but certainly within the A-range somewhere.

Patricia: Probably B-

Steven: B+

Collin: Hopefully, A-. Realistically, B.

Olaf: I expect a B score, but I hope it gets to at least an A- if not an A. I haven’t watched ANY trailers (don’t ask me what I do in a movie theatre to avoid seeing and hearing them) so you bet I’m going into this as in the dark as possible.

Kali: Probably about a B+: it’ll be beyond awesome but most likely lack in plot (i.e. too much exposition or not enough exposition)

Kelechi: I expect it to be an A- because I have high expectations for a sound ending of this phase with all the various character interactions.

Trey: From the directors of Winter Soldier and Civil War, I’m expecting an A. Let’s hope it lives up to people’s expectations!

Nick: I’m thinking a solid B, but my inner stuffy movie critic wants to dismiss this movie as a sign of the end times!

avengers: infinity war

image via Time

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