Incredibles 2 Entry Survey – How Does the MovieBabble Staff Feel Going into the Film?

by Nick Kush
Incredibles 2

On November 6th, 2004 — exactly one day after The Incredibles released in theaters — everyone had one question on their minds: when are we getting an Incredibles 2?  We waited many years before we ever got an answer while watching many other Pixar properties (of lesser quality I might add — well, maybe just Cars) get sequels.  FINALLY, the day is here.  Honestly, it feels right now that the superhero genre has taken off.  But I’m not the only one excited, there’s plenty of other MovieBabble contributors that can’t wait to see this much-anticipated follow-up.  Luckily, we bottled up all our emotions into one Incredibles 2 entry survey for you to sample:

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Kinda fed up with Pixar for taking this long!

What was your immediate response after learning that Pixar was finally going to make a second Incredibles movie?

Steven: “Too late! 15 years too late.” In all seriousness, I was excited. I loved the first one and I was very happy to hear they would continue the story.

Collin: Mixed. Toy Story 3 came pretty late for a sequel, but was amazing. On the other hand, Cars 2 came pretty late for a sequel and was, well, Cars 2.

Patricia: “Really? Now?”

Stephen: I think the question touched on it there with one word: finally. I thought that it was inevitable and seeing how strong the superhero flavor tastes nowadays, it was a no brainer.

Olaf: Sweet! If it came out when I was younger I would have gone ballistic.

Sean: This is about 10 years too late.

Trey: Finally! I was just happy they decided to do a long deserved sequel to one of the best Pixar movies. I was also hoping that they get it right.


Similarly, do you think we deserved three Cars movies in the time it took to get this movie off the ground?

Steven: No. But it had to be done to get to here.

Collin: Lol, didn’t read this before I answered the last question. Did we want or need three Cars movies? No. But a population that’ll pay Michael Bay over $4 Billion for viewing the Transformers franchise deserves to have to sit through a few Cars movies in order to get to an Incredibles 2.

Patricia: No. That wasn’t necessary. Especially the most recent one with the ridiculously dark trailer!

Stephen: Absolutely not. I don’t have much against Cars, but when stood in front of The Incredibles, it says a lot when a whole trilogy isn’t as impactful as one film.

Olaf: I honestly prefer to wait a lifetime than get spammed with quantity over quality. It took Toy Story 3 11 years to arrive after the 2nd one. I honestly couldn’t have imagined a better movie than of that what we got in 2010. I am fine with waiting. The Cars movies we did not need. As a kid, I didn’t even buy into the first Cars film. It was that stale.


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Trey: We didn’t deserve three Cars movies regardless of The Incredibles.

Nick: Considering it took every ounce of my will power not to fall asleep during my screening of Cars 3, I’d have to go with “no” on that one.

Would you rather Pixar continue to go back to their established properties or make new, inventive ideas?

Steven: Some of their newer stuff are good, some are not, but it’s best if they continue with their established properties. Except for Toy Story, I think they should’ve ended it at 3, no real reason for 4.

Collin: I don’t think Pixar needs to overdue the sequeling like Disney as a whole does with Marvel or Star Wars, but I don’t mind the occasional Toy Story 3 or Incredibles 2. At the same time, Pixar delivers some incredible one-offs. No pun intended. For example, I don’t want to ever see an Up 2, and Pixar should continue to make these single entry masterpieces.

Patricia: Honestly, this is the one instance where I’m all for sequels. Of course, this is coming from someone who actually enjoyed Toy Story of Terror.

Stephen: I’d be open to both. They can make worthy sequels like Toy Story 3 and I quite liked Finding Dory — it was fine at worst. But also great new stories such as Inside Out. Pixar isn’t the only one that’s able to do well in this regard.

Olaf: Yes. When Pixar announced their slate I was shocked to see so many sequels. They’re a studio held in high regards for their originality. I would’ve been more open to the sequels if they would have been more spread out. Something about the announcement felt like a tidal wave of cupidity. I am extremely worried about Toy Story 4 because the last one ended so perfectly, yet as a Toy Story fanatic I need to see the relationship between Woody and Bo Peep get a proper closure. I think I rather not have TS4 and risk destroying the perfect trilogy.

Great! Now I’ve sidetracked into Toy Story. Look what you made me do. Short answer: More originals, fewer sequels, sequels only that add to the original, no Toy Story 4.

Sean: New Films. With the exception of Toy Story 2, every Pixar sequel has been really mediocre, which is why I’m not that excited for Incredibles 2.

Trey: I’m fine with Pixar revisiting old franchises for a little while. They’ve a nice balance with some original stories like Coco and Inside Out to go along with the sequels. I’m sure they’ll go back to making new ideas after Toy Story 4, but I’m fine with what they’re doing for now.

Nick: I saw over 100 films last year, and probably less than ten of them were original ideas that didn’t rip anything off.  More new stuff!

incredibles 2

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Who’s your favorite member of the Incredibles?

Steven: Dash, he’s quick and mischievous.

Collin: Mr. Incredible. He’s just an average guy trying to balance heroics, his moral compass, and family life. He’s funny and flawed, and is incredibly easy to empathize with in the first movie. Pun intended.

Patricia: Helen/Elastigirl. I guess just because I’m a mom.

Stephen: I always loved Dash. Simply because of that — pardon the upcoming quasi-pun — ‘incredible’ chase scene that felt like Return of The Jedi meshed with a 007 film. I loved the old video game too where the Dash levels were a fast paced, dangerous sprint on a track basically. His hyper personality is what I liked as a kid. Being a sort of troublesome blighter myself as a child, I, too, couldn’t help but identify with him. It’s cool how the family hasn’t aged for the sequel (or so I believe). I think it’ll help it as the narrative feels like it’s picking up just where it left off.

Olaf: Dash and Elastigirl tie. If I had to choose held gunpoint I would say Elastigirl. The scene of her taking down guards as getting stuck in closed doors is amazing. So I guess it’s not a tie, but it gives me an excuse to mention Dash’s badassery. Running on water? Who didn’t fanboy over that moment!?

Sean: He’s not an Incredible, but Frozone is my favorite.

Trey: I’ve always been a huge fan of Dash ever since I first saw the movie when I was little. I think it was because I always wanted super speed and he could get away with anything by using it.

Nick: Jack-Jack for the win!

The villain in the film is the Screenslaver, and he clearly takes control of screens of all kinds.  Is this idea silly, smart, or on-the-nose?  Perhaps a combination of the three?

Steven: I have a feeling this is an Iron Man 3 villain situation where the villain advertised isn’t the villain in the film. So if that’s the case, it’s good. If it’s not the case, it’s ridiculous.

Collin: I think it’s a combination of the three. Pixar excels at making villains that kids can immediately understand, but with enough depth and edge to keep parents and adults interested. I have no doubt that the Screenslaver will be gimmicky, but so was Syndrome and he rivals the likes of Loki, Thanos, and Ledger’s Joker as one of the best superhero movie villains.

Patricia: A bit on-the-nose, perhaps, but the pun of the name is pretty impressive.

Stephen: Taking a cursory glance at this, it could be a jab at how technology is rotting our minds but that seems a little trite and done before. It’s obviously going to be some sort of theme in the film. I’d have to really sit down, watch the film and ponder a bit. But I think it’s fine ultimately. Pixar know what they’re cooking.

Olaf: I’ve trained my senses to the point where I can get away with watching trailers and forgetting what happened in them. I don’t know much about the film nor the plot except for that fact that Elastigirl is now the one going into missions and not Mr, Incredible. Even as I read this question I rushed through it to the point where I’m not sure what it’s exactly asking me because I scanned it in the way I watch the trailers to skip potential spoilers. So because it’s the Incredibles I’ll answer with a: YES! AMAZING IDEA! Hopefully, he has a cool suit. This answer better suit the question.

Sean: I don’t know. I haven’t watched any trailers!

Trey: I think it’ll be a combination of the three. It’s an Incredibles movie so there will be an element of silliness to it. On top of that, it can be smart and on-the-nose with the amount of time kids spend on their phones now.

Nick: I don’t know, but it’s probably a step up from “The Underminer.”

What’s your expected grade of the film on an F to A+ scale?

Steven: A.

Collin: A+. Brad Bird is one of my favorite directors, I trust him to follow-up the first film just as flawlessly as he reinvigorated the Mission Impossible franchise in 2011.

Patricia: B-.

Stephen: B.

Olaf: I am looking forward to seeing it. Not overly excited though. Seeing a sequel to this film no longer is as much of a priority as it was to my 9-year-old self. But also Pixar’s track record no longer guarantees best of the year material for me. The last Pixar movie that spoke to me on an emotional level was Toy Story 3, 8 years ago. And the last film since then that I really loved was Monsters University in 2013. The rest were good, okay or disappointing. They must prove to me they aren’t doing this solely for the nostalgic purposes. Worst case scenario, I desire a B.

Sean: Probably a B or B+.

Trey: I was originally thinking it would be an A-, but early reactions suggest that it might be even higher than that.

Nick: B+.  I have a feeling that it might not feel as inventive the second time around (then again, when does a sequel ever feel fresh the second time around?) now that we’ve had a massive wave of superhero films in the past few years.  There’s only so much you can do to change the formula.

incredibles 2

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K at the Movies June 14, 2018 - 4:28 pm

always a pleasure to see MovieBabble doing its own ambitious cross-over. It will be interesting to see how they move forward after the exit of John “unwelcomed hugs” Lasseter. I’m sure they’re still in good hands with Catmull and Pete Docter and the rest of their large operation but this could change the culture and possibly influence whether they go for more original projects or return to established properties. I’m sure Incredibles will be fun, and that’s all that really matters for now.

Nick Kush June 14, 2018 - 10:42 pm

I’m so happy you liked it! It certainly will be interesting to see how this movie fares without Lasseter, although that might be more of an issue with later films since Incredibles 2 was already far into production once the scandal broke. But you never know!

Olaf Lesniak June 14, 2018 - 11:45 am

Good stuff.

Nick Kush June 14, 2018 - 12:31 pm

Pretty outstanding if I do say so myself!

Nick Kush June 14, 2018 - 8:26 am

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