Quarantine Staff Picks: Part 22

by The MovieBabble Staff
Part 22

Here at MovieBabble, we like to watch movies, obviously. However, the Coronavirus has created a sudden drop off in the number of new movies for us to watch. But we will not be stopped, and we’ve turned to the many decades of cinema preceding us for our entertainment. Some of us have gotten into familiar favorites, others have chosen to dive headfirst into the artsiest of artsy movies, and the rest of us are somewhere in between. For the duration of this crisis, we will be keeping you in the know about these quality gems through our Quarantine Staff Picks. So, without further ado, here are some of the movies we’d recommend for your viewing pleasure this week.

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Impetigore (2020)

Spencer Henderson: Impetigore is a super fun horror film from Indonesia that is stylistic as hell, genuinely scary, and doesn’t try to be anything beyond a gory and fun time at the movies (or in 2020, in the living room of my apartment accompanied only by the echoes of my own sobs). (Available to stream on Shudder.)

After Hours (1985)

Nick Kush: Thanks to Martin Scorsese’s always energetic direction, After Hours is one of the best “all in one night” movies, with Griffin Dunne playing a spot-on, put-upon sad sack, Paul Hackett, who becomes prey to the wee morning hours of the grungy NYC streets after attempting to meet up with a girl. Joseph Minion’s script makes every decision that puts Hackett in a deeper hole entirely plausible and hardly contrived. Also, this movie taught me Marty loves him some papier-mâché. Who would’ve thunk it? (Available to stream on HBO Max.)

Game Change (2012)

Brennan Dubé: Julianne Moore plays Sarah Palin to a tea in this dramatic HBO film about the 2008 McCain campaign and Palin’s rise to fame. I always revisit this every few years and it’s always an entertaining time. Ed Harris and Woody Harrelson are great too. (Available to stream on HBO Max.)

Wrecked (2010)

Patricia Henderson: Take a journey into cinematic bliss with the greatest actor of our generation. Truly a life-changing film, the likes of which… (sighs). Okay, so it’s a movie about a guy who wakes up in a wrecked car, with amnesia. The isolation experienced by his character is relatable in this time of distancing, which is why I chose it. Plus, you know… Adrien Brody. Duh. (Available to rent on VOD.)

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Collin Willis: This film is constantly over-shadowed by QT’s follow-up, Pulp Fiction. While it doesn’t have the same cultural impact, it’s a damn good movie. It’s always been in my top 3 for the director. Sometimes when I’m freaking out over something I’ll watch the “You’re gonna be okay!” sequence just to chuckle and remind myself that sometimes you need to suck it up and just say the GD words. (Available to rent on VOD.)

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Michael Seidel September 3, 2020 - 3:50 pm

I’m a big fan of Reservoir Dogs. It fueled my fire as a Tarantino asdmirer. I was surprised to discover Mom is also a big fan of Reservoir Dogs. She’s especially impressed with the torture scene because it’s memorable and depraved.

Another good list of recommendations. Stay well. Cheers

Nick Kush September 3, 2020 - 11:38 am

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