Top 10 Underseen Films of 2018 [Video]

by Nick Kush
Underseen Films

With the rise in streaming companies and boutique distributors, we’re in the middle of a little boom for independent film. It’s pretty satisfying to see such an influx of smaller projects. The shear amount of them means that we’re bound to get more fascinating works of art. As someone who works in this industry and has to cover these films, I’m all for it!

Still, it can be difficult to find films worthy of your attention that don’t involve someone with a cape or unfathomable powers. (I feel that superhero movies get a bad wrap in this type of discussion, though there’s no question that they dominate film discussion and attention.) It’s difficult when they only come to select theaters or streaming platforms with limited fanfare. Hopefully we can act as a guide!

To view the top 10 underseen films of 2018, watch the video from Director Richard Keaney below:


To watch more content from director Richard Keaney, check out his YouTube channel FilMyWatchlist by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!  What are your thoughts on the top 10 underseen films of 2018?  Comment down below!

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