Avengers: Infinity War Exit Survey – Did the MovieBabble Staff Enjoy the Film?

by Nick Kush
Avengers: Infinity War

After just a few weekends in theaters, Avengers: Infinity War is making people lose their damn minds.  From hilarious memes to think pieces, Infinity War has stolen the show on basically every platform imaginable, and it was only a matter of time before all of us here at MovieBabble got the chance to collectively freak out as well in our Avengers: Infinity War exit survey.  Infinity War was a lot of movie, so you can be sure that we have many, many opinions on the matter.

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Let’s get to it, shall we?

Describe your overall enjoyment level of the film with an appropriate gif.




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Infinity War


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Because my wig was SNATCHED.


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Seems fitting giving the circumstances…

Finish this sentence: “Thanos is…”

Steven: the best villain of the MCU. 10 years of waiting, and they delivered.

Kali: …a beautiful shade of purple.

Stephen: …probably the best villain of the MCU so far. I was surprised with how much emotional depth they gave him. He struggled in sacrificing Gamora and showed that he did have a heart. But his whole philosophy (although flawed) was something he held at higher a value. Josh Brolin did an effortlessly brilliant job.

Chris: …sympathetically brutal.

Collin: …the best Marvel villain. (Maybe) I’ll know for sure once we see him fully rounded out in Avengers 4.

Trey: …the main character of the movie. The entire story is about his quest to collect the Infinity Stones, and he is in the majority of the movie. He even succeeds in the end. Thanos is a great villain who truly believes he is noble in wiping out half of the universe, and the movie does a great job of fleshing him out.

Kelechi: …surprisingly more complex than I thought.

Nick: …actually really interesting.  He still has a massive scrotum chin, but Josh Brolin actually did a lot to bring some fascinating traits to the character.  Realistically, he’s an incredibly sad entity that’s projecting all of his angst and sorrows into a fit of understandable (yet completely maniacal) desire for world domination.  To put it bluntly, he isn’t plain like Malekith!

What’s the best scene in the movie?

Steven: Thor making his entrance to Wakanda and yelling “BRING ME THANOS!!!” Huge ovation from the audience in that scene.

Kali: Do I even have to say it? Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.

Stephen: That’s tough. Almost impossible. Damn. Probably the scene where Tony Stark gets stabbed by Thanos. It showed the sheer ability of Iron Man. He’s a mortal human with half of his mask ripped off and still he is putting up with Thanos. But when he was stabbed, I remember just total silence in the theatre and I gasped, thinking he was dead. And having it set on that incredible location of Titan was kind of a poetic vista. That scene was incredible to me.

Chris: Thanos and Gamora’s road trip for the Soul Stone. The fact that they gave a villain that much screen time and attention was amazing to me.  That was also the scene where Red Skull came back, which was one of the only parts I was genuinely caught off guard. Apologies to the family next to me as I am sure some expletives came out there.

I felt that scene also emotionally showed that Thanos will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. The way everything was foreshadowed, and the attention to detail was amazing. I even enjoyed the moment of silence as the camera sat on Gamora’s body.

That they could step away, in an already stuffed to the gills runtime, to flesh out Thanos and mourn Gamora really shows the attention to detail that the creators had, and that they knew that every moment was important.   Besides the ending I feel like that scene will stick with me the longest. It really was the moment the audience knew that the Avengers were in real trouble.

Collin: Thor entering Wakanda with Rocket and Groot, and then completely destroying everyone in his path.

Trey: Wow, I probably thought about this for almost 20 minutes. I’ll have to go with the final fight scene in Wakanda, especially the part where Thor shows up with Rocket and Groot. The crowd in my theater started cheering and applauding when they showed up with the Silvestri Avengers theme playing behind them. That entire scene was just really well done. It was awesome to see characters fight alongside each other that we haven’t seen before.

Kelechi: When Captain America and crew showed up for the first time to help Wanda and Vision.

Nick: Watching small children succumb to tears as their favorite heroes were swept away in a cloud of dust was pretty hilarious.  Wait — am I a terrible person for finding enjoyment in the sadness of others?  Ehh, ohh well.

avengers: infinity war

image via Nerdist

So where do you think Hawkeye was doing during all of this?

Steven: With his wife and kids. He’s going to be Ronin for Avengers 4 and I want to see how that plays out.

Kali: Probably making pancakes for his secret family and shooting various animals in the woods.

Stephen: I have absolutely no idea and that’s what excites me. But I find it difficult to picture him as a pivotal part to the recovery of the Avengers. Similarly with Ant-Man. We’ll have to wait and see.

Chris: Chillaxin’ on the beach. At least until people started disappearing.

Collin: Knocking out the east wall of his dining room to make a workspace for his wife.

Trey: Hawkeye was chilling with his family in the woods. He could’ve shown up, but he probably would’ve run out of arrows after a while.

Kelechi: Hawkeye is in retirement and he is 100% done with all of them. He’s out in the Caribbean or something.

Nick: Who cares?

Which new character interaction was the best?

Steven: Doctor Strange, Tony Stark and Peter Parker with the Guardians. “WHY IS GAMORA?”

Kali: Thor and Rocket, definitely. I’m totally down for a buddy movie with Thor and Rocket where Thor continues calling him “Rabbit” and Rocket just flies him through space looking for bad guys to fight.

Stephen: I would have to say Thor and Star Lord (or pretty much all of the GOTG). Hilarious tension-filled banter between the two. It reminded me of Toy Story where Woody was the leader until Buzz Lightyear showed up and stole his thunder.

Chris: I would have to go with Thor and the Guardians. They were such a natural fit in the sense of coming from similar thematic backgrounds. Thor as the “Pirate Angel” and winning over the entire Guardians team while unconscious was hilarious.

Collin: Drax, Mantis, and Peter interacting with Peter Jr., Tony, and Dr. Strange prior to fighting Thanos.

Trey: Thor and the Guardians was hilarious! Star Lord being intimidated by Thor gave some great moments, and Thor calling Rocket “rabbit” never got old. Also, Tony Stark and Doctor Strange had a great dynamic because they’re both arrogant people who always think they’re the person in charge.

Kelechi: Okoye, Wanda and Natasha all fighting together!

Nick: I’m forever thankful of Groot for causing Cap to say, “I am Steve Rogers” in the same cadence as “I am Groot.”

avengers: infinity war

image via Variety

Okay, let’s talk about that ending…

Steven: It left me speechless and I even had a couple of tears in my eyes. I couldn’t believe Marvel actually did it. Anthony and Joe Russo went the bold route and actually did it

Kali: That ending is exactly the type of ending Marvel needed to generate new interest. I know a lot of people are like me, where if we’ve seen one superhero movie we’ve seen them all: bad guy wants to do something bad, good guy wants to stop him, they fight in an epic battle and the good guy always win. But Infinity War said “screw that” and decided to kill off half the good guys and give the bad guy a win. That is the Marvel we’ve needed to create a new generation of fans.

Stephen: For me, the ending was obviously unexpected. I think that it was a shock and it also wasn’t a shock, oddly enough. Peter Parker dying was a heartbreaking moment. It was ballsy. But I feel as if the film shot itself in the foot a bit because, let’s face it, we all know that the majority of the characters will return in one way or another. It felt odd coming out of a Marvel film grimly depressed this time around, rather than gleefully skipping out of the theater reciting all the gags.

Chris: The ending was breathtakingly amazing. As a huge comic book fan I knew something to that scale had to happen to make Thanos worth it, but still couldn’t imagine how it would play out on the big screen. The stakes needed to be raised and the heroes needed to suffer some loses to solidify Thanos as a threat. After ten years of building to this war, Thanos couldn’t just be wiped out in one movie.

I also loved how sympathetic Thanos turned out to be. He was amazingly fleshed out for a CG character including his facial expressions which was all strengthened by Josh Brolin’s performance. Him walking out at the end to sit on that porch looking so exhaustingly satisfied, yet empty was just an awesome way to end that movie. It was the first Marvel movie I have seen in the theater where no one said anything during the credits, we all just sat there processing and contemplating what we just saw.

I am sure I am not the only one who was hoping for an Avengers 4 trailer tacked on at the end, a la Back to the Future 2\3.

Collin: It’s really awesome and brutal in the moment, but the film still lacks any serious Avenger deaths. Odds are, Vision will be repaired and those snapped into nonexistence will be back in time for their already announced sequels.

Trey: It’s nice to see that Marvel has the guts to go through with killing half of their characters. Sure, they have to come back for sequels, but it sets up an interesting scenario for Avengers 4. The villain won, which is something audiences aren’t use to seeing, and this adds more stakes to the next movie.

Kelechi: Peter and Tony broke my heart!

Nick: Guys, it’s okay.  We’re getting Spider-Man 2, Black Panther 2, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and the actors that play heroes that died are confirmed to reprise their roles.

Now that you’ve seen the movie, what grade do you give it on an F to A+ scale?

Steven: I had to watch it twice to settle on the grade of B+.

Kali: I still stick with my prediction: B+. It had great pacing and a great plot line, but I would have enjoyed it more had all of the Avengers been able to get together at some point, rather than just separating into a few different groups. That and the fact they weren’t risky enough to kill off either of the big guys — Iron Man or Captain America (Thanos should have taken Steve Rogers out for that awful beard and hair alone).

Stephen: I haven’t written a review but right off the bat, I’d be torn between an B+ and A-. I think it was actually the best film that it could have been, given the tremendous weight the film essentially needed to carry. I mentioned this on Twitter to a friend but I think from a traditional film standpoint it had its flaws. Characters were unevenly utilized (I was disappointed with Captain America’s diminished role in the plot. He was just… sort of… there… fighting) and it kind of bounces all over the place — but this was almost expected and unavoidable. It just about keeps everything afloat. But from a science-fiction perspective, it’s a remarkable achievement. I loved it.

Chris: A-. I think they did an amazing job pulling that movie together. Watching the trailers it was hard to imagine how they could make a movie with that many characters work while still leaving room for everyone to shine. It left plenty of opportunity to amaze while setting up for the future. After repeated viewings I might see more technical issues but currently it is one of the best experiences of the MCU for me.

Collin: As a movie overall, B+. As a Marvel movie that had to juggle ten years of storytelling and several dozen characters, A+, I don’t think a film of this magnitude could have been handled any better.

Trey: I’d give it a solid A-. It’s a great movie, but my only issue is that they have a little bit of an issue with balancing the different storylines throughout the movie.

Kelechi: B-.

Nick: It’s a B for me.  It’s probably the best version of what it could have been, but it has a solid amount of inherent issues that keep it from being a transcendent piece of cinema in my opinion.

avengers: infinity war

image via IGN

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