Black Panther Repeats at the Top of the Box Office with a $108+ Million Weekend – Weekly Box Office Report

by Nick Kush
Black Panther

Although films like Annihilation and Game Night opened this past weekend, the main story was still Black Panther as it maintained its rampant pace for another triple digit box office total.  If it wasn’t already claimed as a phenomenon, it certainly became one in its second weekend.

Here are the weekend estimates:

#5: Fifty Shades Freed – $6.92 Million

In its third weekend, Fifty Shades Freed dropped a significant 60%, meaning that it will mostly get dropped from many theaters in the coming weekend as two more R-rated films are due out in theaters.

Still, Fifty Shades Freed is still a box office success for Universal even if it has earned less than the previous two installments.  With an additional $22.3 million from international markets over the weekend, the film has grossed $320 million thus far.

Fun fact: the average Rotten Tomatoes’ score of the three films is a little less than 16%, but the franchise as a whole has grossed over $1.27 billion.

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black panther

images via Los Angeles Times

#4: Annihilation – $11 Million

This heady science fiction movie didn’t exactly hit with audiences, earning only $11 million on a reported $40 million budget.  To make matter worse for Alex Garland’s latest film, it only scored a “C” CinemaScore from opening day audience which suggests that it will most likely have a significant drop in its second weekend.

However, Annihilation might not have to earn the typical x2.5 the production budget to turn a profit.  As has become widely known, Paramount sold the international rights (excluding China) to Netflix in an effort to partially punt on the project yet still keep its domestic theatrical release intact.  No figures surrounding the deal have been made public, so we’ll wait to see if Paramount greenlights an adaptation of the next book in the Southern Reach Trilogy before ever definitively calling it a success or failure.  However, its first weekend totals do not suggest a profitable theatrical run.

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black panther

image via Den of Geek

#3: Peter Rabbit – $12.55 Million

Another strong weekend has helped Peter Rabbit turn into a sleeper hit in the United States.  With over $71 million in its domestic run so far, the CGI-live action hybrid has an outside chance of earning $100 million.

However, more in-depth analysis of the film will have to wait until Peter Rabbit hits theaters in Europe in March.  The film is expected to do solid numbers overseas.

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black panther

image via The AV Club

#2: Game Night – $16.6 Million

The R-rated comedy had a steady start to its theatrical run, accumulating about $21.8 million around the world thus far.  While the film has a $37 million budget, estimates put Game Night‘s domestic total at $50 million (give or take a few million on either side).  The film is also going to expand into 23 more territories in the coming weeks, allowing for more opportunities to gain a profit.

The film will unquestionably need solid word of mouth to become a serious success for Warner Bros., especially from the over-25 demographic which accounted for 80% of the film’s total audience in its first weekend.

*To read my full review of Game Night, please click here.

black panther

image via Variety

#1: Black Panther – $108.05 Million

A 46.5% drop after a massive opening last weekend suggests that Black Panther is a massive success among fans.  As a result, Black Panther became only the fourth film to amass over $100 million at the domestic box office in its second weekend on its way to the second largest second weekend in history.  Since the superhero film has outperformed literally every metric thus far, you can expect the actual gross to rise above $108.5 million once they are released on Monday afternoon.

Black Panther is already the fifth highest grossing MCU film domestically.  If it continues at its current pace, it has a chance to beat The Avengers for the top spot in a few weeks time.

The success for the latest Marvel film is not confined to the United States, however.  The movie has totaled about $304 million around the world to push its overall total to $704 million.  With releases in Japan and China coming in the next two weeks, the $1 billion mark is unquestionably within reach.

*To read my full review of Black Panther, please click here.

black panther

image via Vox


-Here’s how the rest of the top 10 finished out:

#6: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – $5.65 Million

#7: The 15:17 to Paris – $3.6 Million

#8: The Greatest Showman – $3.4 Million

#9: Every Day – $3.1 Milion

#10: Early Man – $1.7 Million

-While Black Panther was once again the per-screen average winner, Operation Red Sea came in second with an $11,333 average on 45 screens.

-Watch out for Jennifer Lawrence’s Red Sparrow and Eli Roth’s remake of Death Wish next weekend in theaters.

black panther

image via People

Thanks for reading!  What are your thoughts on Black Panther and the rest of the box office?  Comment down below!

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*Statistics via Box Office Mojo

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