Ultimate Streaming Bundle 2: Bundle Boogaloo

by K at the Movies

Read Part 1 of our Ultimate Streaming Bundle here.

There is just such an abundance of streaming services to compare and know about that 20 wasn’t enough. Let’s dive even deeper with another setlist of 12 additional services to add into play in creating the ultimate streaming bundle for $15. Now, you might want to pay close attention because we’ aren’t just adding more options, but we’re spicing up the game a bit.

If you haven’t read the first post, I’d recommend doing that first. This is the”DLC”, or an add-on to that, so it should be played with the full set, though this one will present a fun twist. In this “expansion pack,” if you will, these options will have their own, unique prices. Therefore, you can’t just substitute it for one from the previous selection, you have to seriously consider what content you value. If you want to play with just the DLC list, knock yourself out, but let’s just say I don’t think the math will add up. What a thoughtful explanation for thinking it was funny to charge by the cent!

What other streaming services are available, and are they worth being in the ultimate streaming bundle?


It’s hard to judge this one because I can’t time travel to the future and I’m writing a month before it’s release. First things first, Peacock is the streaming service for access to the NBCUniversal library of content. Peacock will have both a free ad version and a premium to remove those pesky ads. It’s ability to mix exclusives and live TV shows like talk shows makes it pretty alluring.

Hearing they’ll have beloved sitcoms such as The Office and Parks and Rec already makes it a great contender. Peacock is a worthy rival for family content to Disney+, having both DreamWorks and Illumination gives them a plentiful library of family content. The Olympics’ coverage is an organic way to draw people in and then lure them to check out what shows they have. The big test for Peacock is Sunday Night Football. Currently, SNF is not going to be on the platform due to a mix of having to renegotiate the broadcast deal with the NFL and the question of can they host that much traffic without disastrous results. It’s going to be one of the primary players in the market, the question is whether it is coming too late to put a wedge into pre-existing loyalties.


If you’re sick of stumbling upon ESPN articles behind a paywall, then this is the streaming service for you. It seems like a huge consideration for other streaming services is, does it include ESPN? Cut out the middleman — ESPN+ does in fact have ESPN, and then some. There are some fun exclusives such as Peyton’s Places, Alex Morgan: The Equalizer, and Dana White’s Contender Series. Lowkey, maybe the most satisfying part of ESPN+ is the complete 30 for 30 library. There’s a lot of great sports content here, it’s a solid selection.


A TV experience you’ll love…. If you have no interest in sports or news. The former college campus service is pretty cheap, giving you 58 channels at just $20/month. However, I question the value of some of these channels. I doubt many of you out there can name the quality program available on Cheddar, Cleo TV, Logo, American Heroes Channel, and UP TV, let alone sit down and watch it. Lastly, this is an odd point to bring up, but Philo is oddly very open to accounts. Philo allows sharing up to 10 profiles on 1 account. Yet, they make you sign up with a phone number because abusing their 7-day free trial by creating different emails…UNACCEPTABLE! Overall, Philo is unimpressive but has some things going for it.

T Vision

Probably the one “streaming service” that feels the most out of place. T Vision would have been cool if it came out 5 years before it did. It has some neat ideas like no hidden fees, AI-driven recommendations, & iHeartRadio/Pandora music access. It looks sleek and it does provide a lot of channels. Unfortunately, it’s currently not able to produce wide adoption and has some weird technical issues that the bountiful channel offering and decent DVR space might not be enough.

Redbox On Demand

Should you be embarrassed to say you use Redbox on Demand? Maybe, but at the same time, it is a solid tertiary streaming option. After failing to get into a subscription-based streaming service around 2013, Redbox On Demand is the revised version that is a glorified store page. Here we have a situation where you still have to purchase movies to rent rather than pay monthly, so it costs as much as you’re willing to use it, which is nice. What’s not nice is that it reminds you how you could save a couple of dollars if you weren’t too lazy to get off your couch and rent it from a kiosk instead.

Outside of convenient rentals, it has a live TV, which is practically worthless. Oh boy, I can watch Family Feud or America’s Funniest Home Videos if I watch within certain limited time frames. I think the coolest thing offered is that they have deals with DoorDash, Slice Pizza, and Chuck E. Cheese. Spend more for streaming movies, get discounts on a slice of pizza…could make movie nights fun if you got the right company.


First and foremost, free is free, and nothing beats that. I could tell you that it’s got some decent flicks like Anomalisa and Mr. Nobody, but I think I found the real appeal of this one. Popcornflix has an underutilized mechanism where you can create GIFs and share them to Twitter through their player. I’ve seen a lot of reviewers I like to do tweets that keep people knowing what they are watching, and this is a quick way to do that as it allows you to view and share other people’s created GIFs. What I’m getting at is that this is the perfect platform for degenerate memers who are willing to watch movies and create a database of really crappy memes for the films they watch. As a defacto GIF/meme movie library, I think Popcornflix has a real fun future if the right people realize the potential here.


10 minutes or less, is that the length of shows or how much time was put into developing them? Has Tik Tok ruined your ability to have somewhat of an attention span? Then this is for you. I watched an episode of the Floor is Lava on Netflix, so I’m not the most prudent in my standards. I say that to emphasize, everything on Quibi just reeks of lowest common denominator.

They have the Anna Kendrick show, the Chrissy Teigen show, the [insert celebrity here] show — nobody really knows the actual names of these shows, nor do I think anyone really cares.

This is probably a hot take especially because it is from the same platform that hosts Useless Celebrity History, but I think the worst on the platform has to be Thanks A Million. It is such a blatantly obvious self-congratulatory affair where celebrities exploit people’s personal trauma and give them money and then force them to donate half of it so that the celebrities get good publicity. I was retching at the trailer with how ostentatious it was. I’m glad it has a 27% on Rotten Tomatoes and it’s not just me.


Do you want to watch TV for cults? I’m not kidding, I was advertised that this was “streaming for people who enjoy yoga” and that’s a gross undersell. Sure, there’s loads of content for yoga and meditation BUT then I looked over at their docs and films. All of a sudden it feels like I’m in Get Out. Seriously read these 100% real titles on Gaia and tell me I’m wrong:

  • Third Eye Spies: A True Story of CIA Psychic Spying
  • The Last Avatar: We are Becoming Conscious of Our Power to Remake the World
  • The Lost Secret of Immortality
  • Literally dozens of shows with UFO in the title
  • Evanescent: Do We Share Our Reality with Inter-Dimensional Beings
  • Cult Witness
  • Is Your Cell Phone Killing You?

I’m scared. Maybe this is just for the crowd of people who greet people with a friendly namaste, and Italian herbs describe more than their Subway order. Maybe… if I ever abruptly disappear, anyone with a Gaia subscription should be the prime suspect?


I’m sorry Screambox, you have one tough act to follow if you want to scare me. Shudder has a larger library, but both seem pretty comparable in terms of pricing and streaming capabilities. To me, the difference is Shudder offers B Movies while Screambox is just full-on horror schlock. Shudder isn’t exactly full of top-notch productions, but Screambox seems almost entirely porno quality.

I say that as a positive, if you’re looking for bad horror movies there is a difference between bad filmmaking that’s trying and filmmaking being a burden as you just want to shoot scantily clad women getting attacked by monsters. Choose whatever one appeals more to you, or don’t choose any of the horror options at all.

Lifetime Movie Club

What else has such hidden gems such as Psycho Yoga Instructor or Engaged to a Psycho (I’m noticing a pattern)? It’s $4 a month, you know what you’re getting and honestly, I find Lifetime melodramas to be quite entertaining in their own right. Not enough to be one of my picks, but someone has to choose it.

WWE Network

Is the WWE Network a “real” streaming service? Well, it’s real to me, damn it. WWE Network offers not only every pay-per-view event of the WWE, but also access to the vault of all prior PPV events and other productions. I feel like if you have more creativity then the WWE writing staff, then you could plan some fun things. Maybe you can marathon The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak, or maybe you and the boys can watch a royal rumble on Friday nights. Then as a bonus, you got some original series such as Total Divas or WWE Untold which is a nice bonus, but probably isn’t getting people to buy. To a non-die hard fan of wrestling, the appeal of this service will last about as long as Christian’s World Heavyweight Champion run…not very long.


It might seem silly for Twitch.TV to be here, it is free content after all, but I’m going to say it is fair game. We are conducting a mega bundle. To me, this is almost like one ultra service. You can maybe open up a single launcher and it could have a page that directs you to the different libraries. This being no different than switching from Marvel and Star Wars content portals in Disney+.

Plus, you could give incentives to the Twitch people to desire your bundle. Examples of this could be offering an allowance of bits to donate to their favorite content creators. Another option is Twitch will offer more PPV content in the future which subscribers could have access to automatically. Twitch has a lot of content for gaming, podcasts, music, and sports, so I think a Twitch portal sounds like a sweet deal.


Thank you for taking the time to learn about all these streaming services with me. Did you find a new streaming service you’d like to check out or add to your perfect streaming bundle? Here’s the graphic displaying the DLC list, be sure to combine it with the original $15 bundle and comment down below what the best bundle is.

Streaming Bundle DLC

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Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts on these streaming services? Comment down below!

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cherriopolis June 28, 2020 - 3:44 pm

I would love to read about some other free streaming platforms like kanopy or roku as well. Thanks

K at the Movies June 30, 2020 - 12:59 am

Thanks for reading I appreciate it! I like Kanopy when I used I thought it played well and it’s got a neat library especially having A24 stuff and a solid collection of documentaries. It’s a little hard to sell because you need to have a library card for specific universities or public libraries but it’s neat if you can get your hands on it.

Roku was kind of hard to include because Roku is pretty much a bundle itself and less of a streaming library. Now that I got a better look at it, it would be interested to compare what’s available for base Roku devices without subscription channels. It seems cool.

I don’t know if I’ll follow up with more but those are definitely some that I would include if I do,

Nick Kush June 28, 2020 - 3:28 pm

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