‘Avengers: Endgame’ Entry Survey – How Does the MovieBabble Staff Feel Going into the Film?

by Nick Kush
Avengers: Endgame

A heaping wallop of recency bias may be in play here, but Avengers: Endgame is the biggest and most anticipated moviegoing experience of this century. Maybe ever! Infinity War left us all clamoring for more universe-bending Marvel mashups…and some closure after a certain purple humanoid snapped his fingers.

How does one prepare for this 3+ hour behemoth of a movie? Who dies? Will Ant-Man actually carry out what the entirety of meme culture wants him to do to Thanos? Members of the MovieBabble staff came together to take a stab at these questions before seeing the film:

Describe your overall excitement level with an appropriate gif.

Collin Willis:

Kali Tuttle:

Image result for crying from joy gif

Steven Ruiz:

Adina Bernstein:

Brennan Dubé:

Image result for office welcome back gif

Cammy Madden:

Olaf Lesniak: “I’ll do you one better”. I’ll namedrop my article on the Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2019….ok, here’s the gif:

Chris Van Dijk:

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John Tuttle:

Natasha Alvar:

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Nick Kush:

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We all have our favorite films in the MCU, but what’s been your favorite MCU moment over the last ten years and change?

Collin Willis: Thor’s entrance into Wakanda. This moment gave me chills every time I saw it in theaters, and every time I’ve viewed it at home. It’s epic and the energy in that scene is the most palpable of any moment in the MCU.

Kali Tuttle: My favorite MCU moment was the iconic moment in the first Iron Man where Tony Stark is straight up like “I’m Iron Man” and everyone goes nuts.

Steven Ruiz: My favorite moment has to be the introduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The team itself, their personalities, their lives before meeting each other, etc. It’s all so interesting and they make quite the team.

Adina Bernstein: Captain Marvel crashing into a Blockbuster Video store. To say that it was a blast from the past is an understatement.

Brennan Dubé: Favorite moment so far has definitely been the snap. The shock of having the heroes lose and the villain win is one that will always stick with the viewer. A true moment of shock and awe.

Cammy Madden: Has to be the bridge fight scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Every time I watch that moment, my heart races. I’ve yet to find another MCU moment that grips and excites me in the way this scene does. A more comical moment would be in Avengers: Age of Ultron when Scarlett Witch has used her mind powers on everyone and Thor says “The girl tried to warp my brain! Take special care, I doubt if humans can keep her at bay! Fortunately, I am mighty…” before walking into his vision.

Olaf Lesniak: I love the MCU, all of what it brings to the table as a universe. I obviously love all the most iconic moments like when Avengers first assemble in New York, but the one that sticks out to me the most as of late is the relationship between Gamora and Nebula. It is the two characters who have the best relationship. The scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 where they fight is one of the most accurate depictions of how siblings fight. And then when you see them hug at the end and my heart just leaps with joy.

Chris Van Dijk: That has to be a toss between the Peter Dinklage cameo in Infinity War; Jeff Goldblum playing an evil version of himself and Michael Rooker’s moving demise in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

John Tuttle: Captain America has just had some tough moments. Imagine yourself waking up over half a decade later and still in your prime, watching the woman you love falling into old age, inevitably passing away? I really feel Rogers’ emotional attachment to Bucky, this brotherly bond we see between him and his old war buddy, is a very deep and fully human element. Bucky was that one direct link to his past remaining with him in the 21st century. Bucky’s uneasiness right before he crumbles into nothingness was a rather crushing moment, one of the pinnacles of that relationship as played out in the MCU.

Natasha Alvar: Any moment with Tom Hiddleston, because that man is fineeeeeee.

Nick Kush: I’m a man of odd tastes, so despite all the punching and the universe jumping, my favorite moment is definitely Starlord breaking into a dance number out of Singin’ in the Rain in the opening moments of Guardians of the Galaxy, capped off by him singing into a fish rat:

See the source image

So, how are you preparing for this 3+ hour runtime?

Collin Willis: I’ve been rewatching every movie this semester. Didn’t think I’d get through them all, but I’m watching Infinity War as I type this, so mission accomplished. As far as the actual runtime goes, I’ll probably drink as little as possible during the afternoon and just treat this like a doctor’s visit.

Kali Tuttle: My friend and I have already made a pact not to buy and drinks or candy or popcorn because we will not be leaving that theater until the screen goes dark.

Steven Ruiz: Preparing my bladder not to interrupt me as I’m watching the film.

Adina Bernstein: Just getting ready to settle in and have a good time.

Brennan Dubé: Could it maybe be longer???

Cammy Madden: I’m going to an incredibly early showing, so my plan is to avoid eating or drinking beforehand, buy supplies, and not start consuming them until at least an hour into the movie.

Olaf Lesniak: I already watched the “more important” MCU films such as The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. The cherry on top? I rewatched it with my family (more like forced them to, but I have no regrets).

Chris Van Dijk: I’m not, actually. I publicly stated that I wasn’t going to see this film because I thought the downbeat ending to the last film was a perfect way to end the series. Only problem is that my girlfriend wants to see it. So I’m torn between my inner hipster and pleasing my girlfriend.

John Tuttle: As with any good movie, I’m going to make sure my bladder is at ease before entering the theater and force myself to stay put until I see the culmination of this era of the MCU.

Natasha Alvar: I watch Bollywood movies and have experienced at least a trillion TV show binge-watching moments, so I think my plumbing’s all good.

Nick Kush: I am on a strict fluid intake schedule until my screening ends. No more fluids after two hours before the movie is slated to begin!

We’ve seen very little of this movie in the promotional material. Do you have any feel for how the general plot will play out?

Collin Willis: Cap and Iron Man reunite, everyone goes to space and gets whooped by Thanos, the team regroups and defeats Thanos, with Tony dying to secure the killing blow.

Kali Tuttle: Well….you see…I looked up the leaked plot on Reddit. So…

Steven Ruiz: Nope and I think that’s great. For the promo material to keep it basic as they have is pretty awesome.

Adina Bernstein: Other than what has already been released, no. I am ready to be amazed.

Brennan Dubé: Find Thanos. Kill Thanos.

Cammy Madden: I believe so, but I’m hoping that they will surprise us all. I know that they go to fight Thanos pretty early into the movie, and lose, but after than I can only assume that there is a load of time traveling/dimension hopping. This is arguably one of the most anticipated movies to ever be released (certainly within my lifetime) and so I hope they use that anticipation to their advantage and truly shock audiences the entire way through the movie. If it goes the way we all believe it’s going to go, I’ll be a little disappointed.

Olaf Lesniak: Likely time travel or the implementation of the Quantum Realm (or both since they could be connected) could play a part. Then, let me blow your mind: we have 6 original Avengers and 6 Infinity Stones. I’ll leave you and your imagination to figure out what I’m getting at. Also Hawkeye will get the finishing blow to beat Thanos.

Chris Van Dijk: My guess is that there will be a lot of punching and physics defying antics.

John Tuttle: I feel that the plot, if the screenwriters really want to grab the audience, is going to include an element few fans have looked for or have conceived of. Many of us see it as some of the classic Avengers dying off with an emotional climax and close to certain characters. An unexpected twist in this or really any other subplot within the film would simply be astounding. Kind of that Luke, “I am your father” moment. A real shocker would be great. I’d even love to see little surprises such as the inclusion of Red Skull in Infinity War.

Natasha Alvar: I think Cher said it best: “If I could turn back time, if I could find a way.” So yes, time travel.

Nick Kush: A splash of time travel here, a pinch of time stone use there, and a heavy dollop of punching probably will explain about 80% of the movie.


image via ComingSoon.net

Captain Marvel has been built up as a major piece in Endgame, but are there any side heroes that you see making a major, reality-altering impact?

Collin Willis: Ant-Man and Hawkeye/Ronin. It’s about time these two got the Avenging credit they deserve. I’m excited to see Hawkeye get a little bit more of the limelight in this film, similar to how he did in Age of Ultron. Hopefully this movie is better than Age of Ultron, but more of Clint Barton’s arc is a good thing in my opinion.

Kali Tuttle: I sincerely hope that Thomas the Tank Engine from Ant-Man makes a guest appearance.

Steven Ruiz: Nebula. In both Guardians films, she talks about all the pain she went through by the hands of Thanos. I believe she will have an impact in the climax against Thanos.

Adina Bernstein: The Wasp — the MCU world needs more powerful women.

Brennan Dubé: I’d love to see Hawkeye really deliver some epicness in this film.

Cammy Madden: I’m kind of hoping that Captain Marvel actually dies in the first fight with Thanos. I think Ant-Man is certainly going to play a major role in the events of Endgame. Since anything can happen in this movie, I’m fully expecting Quickslver to reappear. I think (and hope) that Ultron is going to make a reappearance as well. I’m not sure how vital either of them will be to the overall storyline, but it should be fun to watch.

Olaf Lesniak: Dear Captain Marvel,

Stay in your lane…for now. Your time will come. Allow the six original Avengers to do the things that matter. Show off your power levels, don’t take the easy way out for writers and let the ones who earned their year-long journeys have a proper final say. Also, I cannot wait to see Nebula rip that Gauntlet off of Thanos’ hand and beat him to a pulp.

Chris Van Dijk: Not really, but I’m hoping Peter Dinklage will suddenly pop up and save the day.

John Tuttle: I feel quite a few great heroes became mere supporting roles in the previous Avengers film. I really want to see more of Black Panther, Captain America, Hulk, etc. However, it looks like, once again Thor and Tony Stark will be stealing much of the glory and attention — along with Captain Marvel.

Natasha Alvar: Ant-Man? But I don’t think its going to be Thanos-butt meme level of worthy.

Nick Kush: Hawkeye has been through some shit with his new angsty Mohawk. I’m guessing he’ll have something to show for it?

The moment you’ve been waiting for: who dies?

Collin Willis: Tony Stark. Iron Man goes kaput. Legacy has been a staple of Tony Stark’s arc since Iron Man 3, it’s time to complete that arc and allow Tony to finally end his dedication to being Iron Man. Homecoming and Infinity War especially have pushed Tony into perfect narrative dying position, and his death is all but certain in Endgame.

Kali Tuttle: I really want Uncle Ben to show up like on an alien planet and be like “Surprise Peter, I’m not dead!” Then, in the next scene, he gets absolutely wrecked by Goose the Cat.

Steven Ruiz: Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. I would say Thor as well but I just don’t see it happening.

Adina Bernstein: I don’t know and as of now, I don’t want to know.

Brennan Dubé: Who dies…? Well Thanos, of course. From the Avengers side however, I’m guessing Cap!

Cammy Madden: Steve Rodgers for sure. I’m also thinking that Tony Stark is pretty likely to die as well (either that or get married). My worry for Endgame is that they’ll let too many characters survive. I know they have plans for a Thor 4, but I’d actually prefer them to kill off the main characters now. It would be a better representation of Thanos’s power and the strength of the gauntlet. Better they die like that than in their own movie from some lesser villain. If Vision wasn’t getting his own TV show then he’d be pretty high on my kill list.

Olaf Lesniak: No one. Instead it’ll be something far more tragic. To save the universe they must sacrifice not their lives, but something more important. The original 6 Avengers will save everyone, but no one will know it was them, in fact their influence and heroism will be erased from the entire timeline meaning no one will know Iron Man saved NYC from a Nuke. Captain America never existed during WWII as far as the public is concerned. It will tie back nicely with Thanos’ “I hope they remember you” line.

Chris Van Dijk: Depends on whose contract has ended. So Iron Man and Cap America I guess?

John Tuttle: I feel Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man are prime targets for eliminating, especially since each has a full trilogy of films. I don’t really want to see any of them go though, obviously.

Natasha Alvar: Captain America is my guess. Tony is too filled with hubris to kick the bucket. Maybe it will end with him and Pepper getting married.

Nick Kush: Cap and Tony are donzo, but I’ll also throw in Ant-Man and Hulk into the mix as well. That is unless Disney announces ten more Marvel shows on Disney+ and includes them in their own spinoff stories.

avengers: endgame

image via Variety

What’s your expected grade of the film on an F to A+ scale?

Collin Willis: A+. This movie is too big to fail, and I trust the Russos to continue to do a phenomenal job with the material. Also I’m a Marvel nerd, so I may be slightly biased.

Kali Tuttle: Obviously, there will be errors. But, I have a feeling that they will be overlooked because of how awesome the film is and how popular it is. Overall, it’ll probably earn a solid A, but fall just shy of the coveted A+.

Steven Ruiz: A++

Adina Bernstein: B+

Brennan Dubé: I’m hoping this film can deliver an A- rating for me at the very least. I’d be happy with that, but lets shoot for an A+!

Cammy Madden: I think it has to be an A. I’m even going to stretch to an A+.

Olaf Lesniak: A+! Is this even a question?!?!

Chris Van Dijk: C or B. It will certainly be a crowd-pleasing product involving a host of overpaid performers and even more underpaid special effects artists (like almost all the Marvel films that came before it).

John Tuttle: If this is the end, such as all good stories must have, then I really feel that Endgame needs to go above and beyond the development and emotion felt in Infinity War. All the characters need more equalized screen time and further development.

Natasha Alvar: A solid B+. It will be epic but I don’t think I would emerge mind-blown. I hope to be proven wrong though.

Nick Kush: We know that Endgame is going to be incredibly messy, right? But I’m sure that won’t matter for millions of excited moviegoers — all they want is a satisfying conclusion to this chapter of the MCU. It’ll probably be somewhere in the B to B+ range, but many will get swept away in overwhelming movie magic of it all and elevate it to A+++++++ range.

Still, for fans of the MCU, some of which have grown up on these movies, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

avengers: endgame

image via Premiere

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