Weekend of August 11th Box Office Report

by Nick Kush
August 11th Box Office

With the summer season coming to a close, the box office has also taken a dip, failing to reclaim the heights of previous weeks.  However, because most larger blockbusters were released in June and July, there’s an opportunity for smaller movies to get their chance to shine.  Let’s take a look at the August 11th box office report:

#5: The Emoji Movie – $6.61 Million

The Emoji Movie continues to pepper in somewhat substantial weeks at the box office.  Unfortunately, the film is getting closer and closer to becoming a hit for Sony Pictures.  As it currently stands, the film has grossed approximately $97 million around the world which eclipses the film’s $50 million budget.  With the industry average of needing about two and a half times the production budget to turn a profit, The Emoji Movie only needs around $28 million more during its theatrical run.

The film that marketed itself by putting a piece of crap front and center still has to open in a few overseas markets, including Australia.  It appears that The Emoji Movie is all but guaranteed from gaining a profit.  Let’s all pray that it doesn’t make enough money to warrant a sequel (the thought of one shakes me to my core).

#4: The Dark Tower – $7.88 Million

As I speculated last weekThe Dark Tower had a pretty serious drop of 58.9% in the weekend of the August 11th box office.  Overall, the film has only grossed $34 million in its domestic run so far.  With an international gross of about $54 million, The Dark Tower appears poised for a disappointing theatrical run.

Sony Pictures had ambitious plans to have the film set up a television series only to then have another film get released after a few seasons.  While plans for a television series are still very much in the works, the movie probably won’t make enough dough to warrant making another feature-length film.

#3: The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature – $8.93 Million

The movie whose title most resembles a pornographic film is one of the biggest box office disasters in recent memories in terms of performance.  The film now holds the notorious record for the worst opening for a film that was released in over 4,000 theaters by a wopping $16 million (The Emoji Movie and The Mummy were previous record holders).

That begs the question, who asked for this movie?  The first movie was moderately successful, but it certainly didn’t warrant a sequel.  Now that its distributor, Open Road Pictures has now been purchased due to poor performance, it’s clear that this project was doomed from the start.

If it’s any consolation, there will not be The Nut Job 3 any time soon.  We’ll have to save that film for some sketchy website on the weird part of the internet.

#2: Dunkirk – $11.41 Million

Christopher Nolan’s epic continues to rake in cash.

Dunkirk has now grossed over $153 million in its domestic run with another $210 million from overseas markets.  If nothing else, Dunkirk is proof that Nolan’s name sells among movie fans.  Lovers of cinema will see just about anything at this point that has Christopher Nolan‘s name on the marquee.

Amazingly, the film still hasn’t opened in China or Japan, two of the biggest overseas markets for film.  Although a film that depicts a British war may not appeal as much to Chinese and Japanese markets, there’s still a chance that Dunkirk reaches the $500 million threshold.

Warner Bros. will most likely look to extend Nolan’s first look deal as he has made the studio a bunch of money in recent years.

#1: Annabelle: Creation – $35.04 Million

After only one weekend, Annabelle: Creation is already a box office hit.

The film blew away the competition at the August 11th box office.  With its international totals reaching $71 million, the film has already made Warner Bros. some money.  The film cost merely $15 million.  Director David F. Sandberg and his crew used their smaller scale wisely, making the film feel much bigger.

Annabelle: Creation is also an expansion of The Conjuring universe, proving that universe building can occur without sacrificing the quality of films.  Unlike Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe, Warner Bros. has been reserved in its marketing material for the overall franchise.

With another box office success, it seems like we’ll be scared by many more films down the road.  The next Conjuring spin-off, The Nun, is already garnering attention from horror fans, showing that this universe is only just starting.


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*All facts are via Box Office Mojo

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