Coco Owns the Holiday Weekend – Weekly Box Office Report

by Nick Kush

Thanksgiving weekend is normally a pretty hectic time for movie theaters, and this year was no exception.  Some movies such as Coco benefitted from the long weekend as many people were off from work.  But, other films, most notably Justice League, still managed to disappoint.

#5: Daddy’s Home 2 – $13.25 Million

The holiday weekend was kind to Daddy’s Home 2 as the film dropped only 8.2% in its third weekend, allowing for another solid haul.  After delaying the international release of the film a few weeks, Paramount grabbed another $13.8 million from 21 different markets, pushing the comedy‘s overall take to about $88 million.

However, the film’s bloated budget remains the biggest obstacle for the film to turn a profit.  At a production budget of $69 million, the film needs to pray for some more small dropoffs at the box office.


*To read my full review of Daddy’s Home 2, please click here.

#4: Thor: Ragnarok – $16.71 Million

The rich get richer.  Thor: Ragnarok also delivered a solid week-to-week dropoff of only 22.5%.  People love this new version of Thor, and the box office receipts certainly prove that notion true.  The film brought in almost $25 million over the five day weekend, pushing its domestic cume to $277.5 million which stands as the tenth best earning film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the United States.

Overall, Thor: Ragnarok has taken in almost $800 million worldwide which stands as the seventh best in the MCU.  Expect the film to continue to rack up cash until the end of the year.


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#3: Wonder – $22.3 Million

The feel-good film from Lionsgate is turning into a sleeper hit.  With the help of its “A+” CinemaScore among its opening day audience last weekend, Wonder is taking advantage of great word of mouth.  Like the previous two films in the weekly box office report, Wonder had a great week-to-week drop of 19%.  After just ten days in theaters, Wonder has over $70 million to its credit on a mere $20 million budget, meaning that it is already a moneymaker for Lionsgate when based off of typical industry results.

The film’s posting is even more impressive since Pixar’s Coco also released in theaters which has a very similar audience demographic.  It’s a safe bet that the film surpasses the $100 million mark very, very soon.


*To read my full review of Wonder, please click here.

#2: Justice League – $40.73 Million

Turn away DC fans, this news is going to sting a little.

Justice League had by far the largest week-to-week drop of any film in the top 10 of 56.6%, showing that casual moviegoers are not responding well to the fifth DC Extended Universe film.  This number is especially alarming as theaters had much more traffic this past week because of Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately, the metric points towards a steep decline in the film’s third weekend in theaters.

Justice League has earned approximately $481 at the worldwide box office.  This figure may seem like a lot, but it is not enough in comparison to the film’s $300 million production budgetAs I mentioned last weekJL needs to gross $750 million to breakeven if you go by the typical x2.5 rule for the breakeven point of a film (multiply the production budget of the film by 2.5 to find a rough breakeven point).

News broke earlier this week that Justice League may cost Warner Bros. $100 million when its all said and done, giving the studio another high-profile bomb in 2017.


*To read my full review of Justice League, please click here.

#1: Coco – $49.02 Million

As the wise rapper O.T. Genasis once said, “I’m in love with the Coco.”  Okay, I’ll shun myself for that one.

Nevertheless, Coco earned $49.02 million for the three-day weekend and $71.2 million for the five-day weekend.  Coco also received an “A+” CinemaScore, pointing towards a long domestic run with much more money to earn in the coming weeks.  For reference, the animated feature opened above Tangled which went on to gross over $200 million domestically back in 2010.

With many Oscar-centric films to expand in the coming weeks, there isn’t a major blockbuster scheduled until The Last Jedi storms into theaters on Decemner 15th.  As a result, Coco will have limited competition to gain even more profit.


*To read my full review of Coco, please click here.

Odds and Ends

Murder on the Orient Express dropped only 5.8% this past week.  The film is performing well, causing Fox to move forward with a sequel to the film based off of another Agatha Christie novel.

-Sony Classics’ Call Me By Your Name opened in four theaters, earning about $101,219 per screen.  The film will undoubtedly perform well as it releases into more theaters as pundits have claimed it to be the frontrunner for the Best Picture Oscar.

Darkest Hour, the story of Winston Churchill played by Gary Oldman, also performed well in limited release.  The film will stay only in L.A. and New York for the next few weeks, however.


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*Statistics via Box Office Mojo

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Winnie March 12, 2018 - 12:36 am

I love Coco!

Nick Kush March 12, 2018 - 12:59 am

I haven’t noticed a single person that hasn’t liked it!

Winnie March 12, 2018 - 1:03 am

Yes! It’s one of those rarest times that I have watched a movie with my full attention ?.

Nick Kush March 12, 2018 - 8:37 am


Winnie March 12, 2018 - 8:42 am


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