Jigsaw Reclaims Halloween Weekend – Weekly Box Office Report

by Nick Kush

After a seven year haitus, Jigsaw has returned to retake the Halloween weekend per tradition.  Horror movies always end up performing well around the holiday, but let’s be honest, you probably stayed at home to watch Stranger Things, didn’t you?  The overall numbers would suggest that you did.

#5: Blade Runner 2049 – $3.97 million

Although it remains in the top five, Blade Runner 2049‘s international take at the box office continues to be disappointing.  The film opened in China and Japan to only $7.6 million and $2.7 million respectively, halting the film’s overall gross to about $223 million.  Industry estimates stated that the film would have needed to make about double that amount to break even.

With no other major possible source of money, it appears that Blade Runner 2049 is doomed to become a big flop.

#4: Happy Death Day – $5.1 million

Happy Death Day certainly benefitted from the holiday, experiencing a less than projected week-to-week drop of only 45.5% in its third weekend.  Funny enough, this week’s domestic intake for the film would have still covered its production budget of $4.8 million.

Overall, Happy Death Day has earned approximately $68.6 million overall, which is about fourteen times its budget.  It’s pretty amazing what savvy business men can do behind the camera to make it very, very successful.

If nothing else, Happy Death Day is a reminder that low budget films are low risk, high reward.  Blumhouse has it figured out.

#3: Geostorm – $5.68 million

As if it couldn’t get any worse for Geostorm, Warner Bros. is reporting that the film will end up as approximately a $100 million loss for the company as a whole.  Yikes…

As it currently stands, Geostorm has made only a shade over $23 million in the states and received a $113.4 million intake from overseas.

It’s obvious from the lack of marketing material that Warner Bros. just didn’t have very high hopes for this film, burying it from the start.  The film’s production was riddled with issues, most notably with the studio taking the director off the project in order to finish the film with extensive reshoots.  It appears that the only legacy that Geostorm will have is that it ended up becoming a nice little tax break.

#2: Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween – $10 million

Tyler Perry continues to win.

Madea seems to be one of the few franchises that’s actually critic proof.  We’ve seen it in other instances such as the Transformers franchise where each of the films are pretty lousy, but this instance sees to be even more perplexing.  The latest Madea boasts a dismal 7% on Rotten Tomatoes, yet it’s still doing solid for the executives at Lionsgate.  There are some diminishing returns from the previous Boo! film, but this phenomenon continues.

#1: Jigsaw – $16.25 million

Jigsaw performed a little lower than expectations, but it still managed to win the Halloween weekend.  However, Jigsaw‘s small budget of only $10 million makes its $25 million gross pretty solid all things considered.

The problem is that Thor: Ragnarok is coming to play next weekend, making this weekend the only time for Jigsaw to dominate and soak up a ton of cash.

Although I joked about it at the onset of the article, Stranger Things definitely had something to do with the sluggish box office this week.  This concept is only further proof that Netflix is getting closer to dominating the world.

Odds and Ends

Amityville: The Awakening had a small opening in ten theaters, but managed to make only $742 total.  Yes, $742.

Thor: Ragnarok opened in 36 territories around the world this past weekend, delivering an estimated $107.6 million before the United States gets to see the film next week.

George Clooney‘s Suburbicon bombed hard this weekend.  Not only did it earn a mere $2.8 million, it earned an abysmal “D-” Cinemascore from audiences.

The Square is your per-screen winner, earning $76,000 on two screens


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jtrover October 30, 2017 - 11:08 am

OK, I admit it. I did watch Stranger Things this weekend. But I also did go see Happy Death Day, so I am doing my part to slow Netflix’s attempt to rule the world. But on a “serious” note, I did enjoy Happy Death Day. I didn’t even know it was a low budget movie (usually you can tell).

Nick Kush October 30, 2017 - 11:10 am

Lol! Blumhouse is doing such a great job of producing such low budget films of great quality. You would never think that films like Split and Get Out had sub-$10 million budgets due to their quality and feel and yet they do! Pretty great stuff


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